Friday, October 31, 2008

Year end holiday fever!

For most kids it's nearing the exciting year end where school holidays are just around the corner but for poor mommy (who is not wrking since our "Indonesian alien" betrayor left us) it's gonna be a year end dilemma & "empty pocket phobia".

School holidays = more expenses (treats for kids, EVEN FOR SMALL simple vacation or outings coz mommy got 4 kids)

Year end = more expenses for Xmas gifts, E E's wedding (auspicious month), getting ready for school next year (uniform, books, new registration for nursery, etc, etc).

It's really no fun when you need to restrict your spending so much!
Do you have the same phobia of going through this Empty Pocket syndrome?


Bengbeng said...

at least the price of petrol is down. :) which is good news

Ling That's Me said...

yup yup! same phobia bcuz my son is going to school next year too!

but usually on school holidays, our routine is still the same (ie stay at home!) outings will only be on weekends when daddy is around to pay for it. heh heh :P

Tammy said...

Yeah it's hard when cash is low and the kids want to do stuff. We usually take them fishing, for walks or any other free stuff we can find to do.

Charmaine Sim said...

you can have a lot of funs with the kids too even without spending much. Beach is a very good and cheap place!

renet13 said...

thks for the idea. but my place no beach. nearest also need to travel by car..that incurs petrol cost, too.

Shannon's Mummy said...

hmmm.. sound scary.. I m kind of going through empty Pocket Syndrome now.. hehehe.. cos my hubby allowance was cut as long as I am in Singapore. Above that, I have to pay for the expenses here and childcare fees.. :(