Monday, October 20, 2008

My ambitious Idea may come true afterall..if there are takers!

Referring back to my previous post on this, my ambitious idea may work depending on the feedback, response & outcome.

I was lucky for the secondtime after the first, when knew a counterpart who is kind of close to the High5's manageress. She was kind enough to sponsor some entrance tickets for adults to the Breadtown(Factory/Museum).Normal price RM15 each.

Otherwise the rates & packaging are as follows:

So for mommy/daddy bloggers staying near Shah Alam or Selangor or anywhere you think is possible to take up this complimentary tickets for 2 adults..let me know by end of this week or latest 31October 08 so that I could arrange to get you the tickets.
The Breadtown only accept prebooking tours.
Operation Hours
Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 6.00pm
Closed on Wednesday
Saturday & Sunday - 9.00am to 6.00pm

I personally planning to go during December school holidays on 28Dec 2008(Sunday) which is the eve of a Public Holiday(Awal Muharram) on 29th Monday. (Subject to change depending on the response of this offer!
Since it's school holiday , the kids will sure enjoy it ...unless you have got other plans!

Accomodation & food on your own. (I'm trying to get complimentary High 5 meals during the tour at the factory)

So any takers? Let me knw by 31 October 2008 OK!


little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Great idea... I'll go back and tell my hubby c if we can make it!~

Angeline said...

Wow! you are really geared up for this eh?!

LittleLamb said...

I've personally went to this factory before and its worth it.

david santos said...

Excellent work! I love your cards!Fantastic. Congrats!!!!!!!

Jacss said...

hey irene, hv checked wif huby & he agrees to go...count us in (2adults & 2kids)!! keep us posted as the date gets nearer....

U.Lee said...

Hi Renet13, x'cuse me this, but what show is this? Breadtown? Not bread demo, huh?
But must be interesting re the early bookings and all...
Okay, will wait till you post pics of it.
You have a nice day and keep well, lee.

renet13 said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
You can check it out at

I've not been there & didnt know about this place until I won the free tickets to go. Then I met a friend who knows the High5 bread manageress who is kind enough to sponsor a group of people there. That's why I would like to share this priviledge with my friends and fellow bloggers. My expectation is not high since I'll be going there anyway regardless of the turn out. So far 3 families have confirmed joining me. He He!