Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple Saturday, Charity Sunday

Simple Saturday with simple breakfast for all. Nasi Lemak ,Porridge with "Tam Choy & Groundnut", Kueh Kueh and the kids loved them.

Lunch we just ate out. We had economy rice coz mom was too busy to cook. She had to help out in an NGO centre to pack vegetables & flowers for a charity foodfair sale on Sunday.

We also helped mommy to pack the vegetables & price tagged them. Tired but meaningful job!

Sunday...charity food fair.

The crowd was good. There were many food stall selling yummy food like Salted chicken, Fried Chicken, Satay, laksa, Nyoya kueh, Vegetarian food, fresh Vege & flowers, Cakes, Handicrafts, etc.

We also had fun while helping mommy "jaga stall for potted plants while mommy & her friends busy selling packed fresh flowers from Cameron Highlands.

Mom's stall...fresh flowers for sale!!

Some of the beautiful crafts done by the centre's volunteers.
Apron & plastic bag dispenser(the blue doll on the right)
smocked children dress
toilet roll holder
Xmas pouches

Those who wish to purchase any of the above handicrafts may place your order with colour of your choice please contact mommy and she will let you knw the details. All sales will proceed to the centre.


Angeline said...

Wow! your weekend was so eventful too!

wen said...

everytime i read ur blog, i see ur kids looks so happy and can imagine ur hse is always full with laughter and noise! haha! wont get bored!!

renet13 said...

Angeline & Wen,
Ha Ha also full of kungfu fighting..u dunno oni!!