Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday Lunch 29.3.09

AFter our Taekwando & Music Lesson, mommy went home to prepare our favourite Italian lunch - pasta & double sauce

Backdated post: our Sunday Lunch 29.3.09

Macaroni (for a change instead of spaghetti all the time)

White Mushroom Sauce with Hot Dogs

Chiky Tomato/Basil Sauce

Our beautiful Sunday 29.3.09

This is a backdated post with lots of pictures & less words:

Sunday traffic jam due to Cheng Beng:

Mommy went to Polo ground with me little Jasmine (5 yr old) for stretchaerobics at about 7am while all of us (Twins Daniel, Dennis koko & Juliana cheh cheh & daddy) were still in slumberland.

Tha's me after the tiring wrkout..my feet were so sandy & achy...!!

On the way home from Polo ground with is near a cemetary, this was what we saw:

The Cheng Beng (All Souls Day) traffic jam (cemetary was just next to the Polo Ground recreational park where mommy & Jasmine went for exercise)

Then mommy rushed home to prepare breakfast for koko before their Taekwando & for cheh cheh Juliana & me before our KinderBear Music lesson.

This was our breakfast:
Rabbit Meat Burger

Can u figure out the rabbit face on the plate?

Fried ommelete with french beans

Toasted Buns

Happy Kids with their happy breakfast

The kids had to self service to put the filling in the bun. Here's the complete rabbit meat burger

Backdated Posts: Our Saturday 28.3.09

Just a quick post without pics.

On this beautiful Saturday, we had breakfast with Grandma before heading to school & nursery.

Then mom & dad had to attend to their work & chores.

In the afternoon, mommy took us for lunch again with Grandma (to keep her company after Ah Kong passed away last month). After a bit of groceries shopping at Tesco & lunch at mamak restaurant, we head on home through heavy rain.

Evening when daddy came back, we went out for dinner.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How creative can my vainpot be??

the sulky Ju after I scolded her.

If you were me, will you laugh in your heart or will you be screaming on top of your voice when you see your little girl putting permanent marker pen ink on all her finger and toe nails? Nail polish konon!

Alamak !! I had them off with wet tissue coz I myself dont even apply nail polish. Where on earth she learn to do that & so creative some more wor using permanent marker.

Italian combo breakfast

This morning was a mad rush for me as usual to get the kids ready for taekwando & music while I need to clean the house, kitchen & garden.

So I just prepared this simple & fast Italian combo breakfast for my family.

Fried wedges spread with mayonaise, cheese balls, wholemeal bread, sausages cut slantingly & fried with sweet corns, sweet basil leaves & sprinkle with Italian mix herbs. Dessert : agar-agar.

My kids love it & wallop everthing!

Physiomom's own pumpkin cake (Kam Kua Koh) recipe

Last Chinese New Year, I tried my own recipe of pumpkin cake (kam kua koh) with dried meat (yook kon).

Got my little princess Ju to assist me.

Take a look.

Just agak-agak on the amount of flour , water, etc. Therefore not a recipe with accurate measurement of ingredients. Sorry to disappoint some of you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Have you tried claypot vermicelli crab?

Last week a friend from PJ called me to check out a restaurant somewhere in Bercham, Ipoh which has this specialty called Claypot Crab Vermicelli & Claypot Crab rice.

The restaurant is named Kedai Makan Lain Rasa (in chinese it's PAt tong Mei).
One will have to order in advance to avoid disapointment of having no more food to order on arrival especially the house specialty mentioned above besides the fishball with garlic oil, salted egg prawn, lemon grass chicken, , etc.

The shop opens frm 6pm to 11 pm daily. I called about 6pm that Saturday evening to book a table & book the claypot crab vermicelli but made a mistake for not pre-ordering other in house famous dishes thinking there should still be food by the time we arrived around 8.45pm. I was wrong !! Many great dishes were sold out . Well.....

Catch a glimpse of the FINISH product(dishes)...so that you won't need to droooollll so much:


Dried chilly chicken (to substitute Wu So Kai which was sold out)

Lemon grass sotong (to substitute their in house LaLA which was sold out)

steam fishball with garlic oil

The so called Claypot Crab Vermicelli (the claypot crab rice was not recommended to us because Habis liao (sold out))

How was the food? If u ask me, staying in Ipoh a Food Haven....I don't taste any big deal in the food except that it's unusual & quite pleasant to tastebuds. My kids especially love the fishball. I like the crab vermicelli and will definitely try the claypot crab rice the next time.

Moral of the story..book in advance all the dishes , don't take chance.

Vedict from my gals: Thumbs up...they love the food.

TAke not of the contact number on the sign board if your eyesight is good. If you can't see the number, call o12 5128407 Kedai Makan RASA LAIN.

Happy trying!

Ipoh yummy Fa Sang Wu!

I used to envy Healthfreak mommy when she wrote a post on how her dad makes homemade pineapple jam & peanut butter. Since then, I was craving not for peanut butter but peanut butter dessert.

Then I discovered a stall which sell peanut butter dessert in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.
I dont know the exact address but I know how to drive my way there after passing the Pasir Pinji market. It's a small little stall by the road side which is just outside a residential house on a slope.

It's realllllyyyy creammmmmy & yummmmmy especially when served warm. Meaning not so nice to take away unless you heat it up again before you consume.

Take a look:

This stall also sells Mah chee (glutinous balls top with sesame & pounded peanut).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So long no Mc D!

Today daddy decided to pamper all of us with McD's value meal.

Currently McD having nationwide value meal lunch frm 12 to 3pm which is only RM5.95 which was previously RM8.95.

See how the kids having their good time. They were truly loving it....

I must say McD taste better than KFC nowadays. More so when the price is so compatible to other places in times of inflation now. Even the prices in Jusco or other local food court, or a simple coffee shop are no joke. One main course alone without drinks will cost at least RM5.00. So which would you choose MC D set meal or ala carte orders?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dad's spirit is coming back to his home tmrw night?

Dad's "Wooi Wan" (return of his spirit) is tomorrow night about 8pm.

Is he really coming back spiritually? How do we really knw? Are there any signs or indication? What should we do? We really miss him but deep inside I'm sure we are all afraid , too. Was told that all of us(initially when I thought I would be there , too)have to hide in the room, cannot even come out to go toilet till the next morning. Since hubby will be working late outstation, I have the excuse not to join them.

I cannot join my mum & siblings since I need to care for his 4 grandkids here. Their boisterous behaviour would surely scare their Ah Kong away if his spirit is really returning tomorrow.

Anyone of you have these encounters about Wooi Wan? Please share with me.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daddy has been cremated & on his way to Kek Lok Si World

Monday 2 March 2009

today, Mum, myself and 4 other siblings were at the Kek Lok Si Bercham Crematorium today to claim the remains of the skeletons and ashes of daddy. Dad's skull is almost still fully intact. Later the caretaker at the crematorium asked each of us to pick up one piece of the bone each to put inside his ern before sending the ern to the place we chose & allocated for him.

Later, we took the remaining of daddy's ashes to release at a river near Tambun.

Di, you are free now. Follow Buddha's light & guidance to the Kek Lok Si World.
We will all miss you but happy that you need not suffer in this world anymore.
Have a safe journey!