Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3rd day CNY with ex schoolmates of 20yrs ago

Chor sam (3rd day) of CNY 2009

Met up with some good old friends from my alma mater 20 yrs ago.
Venue: Casuarina Hotel
buffet luncheon.

Though not many turned up but I was happy to meet friends like Mei Poh & kids, Sam & fmily, Kia Puay with hubby & daughter, Yin May, Debbie, Karen Lam & See Yoon with daughter at the above gathering today.

I brought my 4 kids & my mom along. Regret that not able to catch up much as some of us mommies were busy looking after our own kids. Nevertheless, really nice to meet old friends on this auspicious day.

May God bless our friendship for many more years to come & wish that next year the turn out would be better .

2nd day of Chinese New Year

Visited auntie S's place for a short while before heading to auntie Sh's place for breakfast at Happy Valley.
HAd "Kai Si hor Fun" (chicken strip kueh teow), hong tau sa (red bean soup) and nasi lemak. Yummy!

After that we just laze at home watching the CNY movies on TV until dinner time. Had dinner at Happy VAlley again with Mi Ah Kong, Mi Ah Ma , Grand Godma, and kids' favourite KyGan ku. Auntie Sh served us with her own cooked dishes.

After dinner we adjourned to 8th grandauntie's place for card games & fellowship with other cousins & uncles & aunties frm Singapore, K.L & Penang.

The kids had great fun mingling around not fully aware who is who, which uncle /cousins or what not. They just had a great time with each other. Same goes for the adults catching up with one another on this auspicious day once a long long year!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our 1st day of CNY

Just had a simple New Year's eve reunion at both mommy & daddy's side.
Will load the pictures later as they were all in Pheng EE's camera.

Meanwhile, we had lion dance at 3rd grand uncle's hse.
Really grand event with 2 lions dancing & hoping high up to eat the cabbage, 2 long firecrackers more than 12 ft long adding more cheers & boisterous sound effect to the crowd, and the best part is when kids trying to catch mandarin oranges thrown out frm the lions' mouth. What a sight!

Take a look:

Stay blogging for more updates later.

Have a happy celebration of the MOOOO Year!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Received my 1st google notification to claim ad payment...

after more than a year!

At first I blog thinking I could earn money frm it. After learning frm my blogging sifu that it's not that easy & encouraging, I changed my reasons to blog aas a hobby for the passion of my family & leave a legacy for my kids .

Never did I expect to receive a postcard frm Google asking me to verify my details in order for them to make payment for me. The sum is too little & shameful to be hu ha about but I feel happy at least it pays to blog beside destressing myself.

I'm motivated to create more blogs but hope I have the time to do so.

Thank you to all of you who have been visiting my blog & click on the advertisements especially.

Happy Chinese New Year & Take Care!

p.s Just curious how long did it take you to receive your 1st notification frm Google ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


22 Jan 2009

Daddy received another hamper. This time bigger one. We didnt have time to open yet. Will wait till this Friday night. Looks like mommy neednt buy much new year goodies with all these excess goodies in hand. Will keep it for snack during family time watching TV and having great time with little cousins frm Singapore on Chinese New Year's Eve (Sunday 25th Jan)

Really feeling the excitement to celebrate & the laziness to wrk...for this coming CNY. Have been buzy collecting ang pow packet (another of my annual hobby). Here's my collection for this year:

Look who else are excited and looking forward to the auspicious celebration?

Backdated Post: Part 4: Dennis had wheezing

13 january 2009

My 2nd twin had asthmas when he was 2 yrs old. Thankfully my other 3 kids (including the elder twin) were spared.

Since twins started swimming lesson at age 7, Dennis had not had asthma attack for 2 years after that.

Lately due to the Winter cold air frm other continentals,the weather was rather cold last week. Dennis developed flu like symptom & had wheezing when he breathed. Fearing that his asthma attack is back , triggered by cold, I took him to the emergency unit at General Hospital at 6am.

Their service was good. Just a quick registration & directly we went to the nebuliser room specially for asthmatic patients (not having to wait in queue despite other more serious cases waiting outside).

This is Dennis during the nebuliser treatment.

This rascal of mine can still fool around being hyper despite his condition.
I still remember I read somewhere that said "All asthma has wheezing but not all wheezings are asthma!" With that I was hoping the wheezing was just due to the cold trigger. There was instant decrease of wheezing post treatment & Dennis could resume school that morning itself after the treatment.

After the nebuliser for 2 consecutive days( morning & night) at GH, Dennis is OK now.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kampung Simee Homemade Dried Meat & Meat Floss

17Jan 2009

Went to Kmpung Simee to check out the homemade dreid meat and meat floss at 2 residence shop. One is Loong Kee & the other is Seong Kee.

The friendly chap who was grilling the meat outside his home/shop.

The pearl dried meat. was told these meat are deep fried instead of grilled & they are RM1 more expensive than the ordinary grilled ones.

The sliced dried & grilled meat. Available in chicken & pork meat.

The packeted meat floss. Also avalilable in plastic containers

The packaging from the other shop named Seong Kee.

The meat & way of preparations are identical.

Taste in me no diferrence but the price very slight difference.

So when you are in Ipoh, check it out! Ideal gifts for Chinese New Year.

Note: i dont earn commision frm both of these shops, OK!
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Backdated post: 10 January 2009

Took the kiddos to The Aquatic & Pet Shop at Greentwn Mall today.

There were a decent range of fishes, domestic pets & aquariums available for sale.
I'm impressed with the table aquarium & the normal aquariums dressed with various themes like Winter, Ancient, Coral, etc.The price ranges from RM1K to RM5K.

The kids enjoyed playing with the hamsters, iguana, rabbits, cats, tortoise, etc. They also saw a mini SHARK in the displayed aquarium.

This shop sells quite a variety of pet food, too.

Clean n nice eduactional place for pet lovers n kids. The staff are also friendly & didnt bother with me snapping the pictures!

Just outside the pet shop is the Greentwn Mall food court. Convenient for people who didnt want to scout around for food after the visit.

Chinese New Year Mood is in the air for us!

17 Jan 2009

Daddy received a big hamper from a friend today.
It's only about a week away from Chinese New Year celebration but we already in the mood !

The kids having fun opening the hamper:

Mommy's decorations:

Xmas turned Gong Xi Fa Cai tree

Ficus turned cherry blossom tree.

lanterns at the porch

Bougainvilla merged with cherry blossoms

Mandarin oranges basket(self decorated) & dried meat

Stay tuned for my post on Home made Meat Floss(Yook Si) & Dried Meat (Yook Kon)at Ipoh Kpg Simee.

Backdated Post: Part3- Curry Assam Fish

Backdated post: 11 Jan, 2009

I tried making Assam Curry Fish with Ikan Selar bought frm Jusco. Added tomatoes, ladies fingers, brinjals, water curry leave (chean hong) & Assam curry paste.

Not very spicy & my twins love it!

Backdated post: My princesses on 1st day of Kindy!

Backdated Post Part2 :

Jan 5, 2009

The girls (Ju & Min) started their K1 & foundation Class.

They were so excited & enjoyed wearing their uniform.
After having breakfast, mommy sent them to school.

Sorry for the long constipated blog..will purge it now!

Backdated posts Part 1:
Jan 7 2009
Today is Mi Ah Ma (Mummy's mommy) birthday.
Since Ah Kong is in hospital for blood transfusion for low red blood cells, we had to celebrate Ah Ma's birthday in the hospital ward.
Mummy bought a black forest cake for this simple celebration & gave Mi Ah Ma ang paw.
At around 7.30pm, we abscorned Ah Kong from the ward for 2 hours to attend a small dinner makan with Ah Ma. (No lah..we took permission to go out for 2 hours).
Here are the pics:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time to check expiry dates !

Yup, I was going through my canned food & provision stuff in the cupboard & also the toiletries and found soooo many expired & going to expire stuff in 2009. That could be because ever since my "betrayor" maid ran away, I dont really spend much time cooking on weekdays like she did & she has been asking me to buy a lot of redundunt stuff without really checking if they are still available. Since she left I found myself saving so much more & less credit card bills to pay!

Aftr clearing all the expired ones, suddenly I found my cupboard so spacious & yippeee that means got chance to go for retail therapy to store new ones for the New Year. However, not planning to spend like I used to, due to economy slow down.

One of my New Year resolutions (besides to be more patient,spend more time with my kids & do more charity) is to be more thrifty to face the inflation crisis ahead.

So have you check your cupboards and see if you can beat me to the number of expired goods found? And what's your new year resolutions?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai is less than a month ahead!

After buying some new year decos frm the shop I mentioned in the previous blog, I converted our xmas tree into a "kat" (tangerine) tree.


Here's wishing all of you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Year of the Ox!