Monday, October 20, 2008

100 yen store sudah mali in town.

Happened to passed by Ipoh Parade today and saw this new shop called "100 yen" shop.
Obvious frm the name....the items are made in Japan and all selling at RM4.90 (must be equivalent to 100 yen lor).

What one can find there...almost anything from household : kitchen wear, gadgets, utensils, canned food, Japanese snacks, noodles, clothes, photo frame, etc.

My favourite are the bento boxes..must be influenced by my twin kaki Jacs' collection. I found the "Lilo & Stitch" lunch box but didnt buy as there were last 2 left. The sales girl asked to come back for some more in their gudang. Today is their 2nd day open many things sudah laris liao!

Bought a few items oni..quite expensive actually if you add up the total. These are what i bought;

Timer (i think this is quite a fair buy as most shops selling close to RM10)

sushi mould (love shape, star shape & bear shape)

Hair play with my hair which I'm getting bored with.

Suddenly I'm in the mood to learn how to make simple sushi...anyone is willing to teach me ..what rice I need to buy..I am a real dummy in this. Havent made sushi in my life..oni knw how to buy & eat! So any sifu willing to teach me step by step?


jacss said...

hey, yr twin kaki here sending u congrats that u can contribute more $$$$ to 100yen shop edi....hahaha
welcome to bentoing too! well, on making sushi, i would suggest u getting a simple sushi making book coz they r rather quite a no. of basics that u need to be aware of in order to even start of with the sushi making task, no joke!
i'd read, tried yet i could still failed....even d tools need to right, like a sharp sushi knife for cutting d calrose rice!!!
hv a good try & wish u luck!!

Bengbeng said...

i tend to get carried away n buy lotso f stuff i dont really need in a shop like that. as for yr comment on my post no turning back, i dont know how to reply :)

jazzmint said...

looks like u kena the virus LOL

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sigh...when i was back recently i saw it and thought i could go shoppping crazy inside the shop. however, it was still not opened. chey!!