Friday, December 28, 2007

happy 2008 & happy holiday!

I'm sure many of you are already in the countdown mood and looking forward to celebrate 1Jan 2008 holiday.

On the other hand, many mothers will be busy if they have school going children, right? Schoolbags, school books , uniform, etc should be ready by now.For those of you who still haven't got ready, it's still not too late to do last minute shopping as there are still plenty of sales around to grab.

Here's wishing everyone A Happy New Year 2008!

Back Exs For Pregnant mom

Hi there pregnant mommies.

It's safe to do ur exs as illustrated above as long as u don''t encounter any pain or bleeding. Always do within ur comfort zone. Start with 5 repetition each and progress with addition 5 . Also as u do these exs, remember to pull in your pelvic floor muscles (check out Kegel exercises in googles). Imagine u can''t find the toilet and need to hold back your urine.That's exactly how to hold the muscles.

Remember: Before you start any exercise program, consult with your health care provider. Your health care provider can give you personal exercise guidelines, based on your medical history.

Take it easy and don't over do. Take care and enjoy your pregnancy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Too long in front of computer..blogging??

Are u spending long hours in front of computer?
Neck pain? Do check out the exs for your neck in my previous blog in physio element.

Also having back pain?
Try these exs at intervals of 1 hour after blogging. Helps to release back muscle tension.

Lean forward to stretch
Keep your head down and your neck relaxed
Hold 10 - 20 seconds
Use your hands to push yourself upright.

Take care of your back just like u take care of your blog.
Any comments and sharing are welcome.

My beautiful Daisies

I'm sure everyone has a hobby. Certainly blogging is one of them. Blogging is my new found hobby wheras my favourite hobbies are comping (taking part in contest..and i will make a blog on contest in future) , gardening, shopping etc.

Since I love gardening, I also love to "buy potted flowers" (the key word is buy and not plant from seeds or cuttings by timelah).

Few weeks ago before Christmas, I bought a few pots of daisies which look so inviting at the JUSCO supermarket in Kinta City IPoh. Of course they cost more than those we could get from Cameron Highlands but I don't mind paying for the extra to offset the temptation and inviting look they well the wear and tear n petrol to go all the way to Cameron Highlands to but them.

Take a look......aren't they pretty? Would u buy them if you are a flower freak like me?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Visited the Ipoh Kek Lok Seh temple today

Today is "chor yat sap ng" (the 15th day of the lunar calendar.)

Went to Kek Lok Seh temple in Ipoh after breakfast, to offer prayers to all my deceased relatives and ancestors placed at the alter in the temple's pagoda.

Simple prayers, vegetarian, calm and neat.Not much smoke as they don't use jossstick but the "tart heong" (the coil type of incense). So not so much polution, too.

We offered fruits and flowers only.

Those deceased have their indiviual plot there. Basically just the 'san chue phai" no urn of ashes. The ashes post creamation are usually placed elsewhere like the Bercham crematorium or the Sam Poh Tong.

This temple is quite well maintained and visited by many relatives who come back from outstation over this long holiday period to pay respect to their deceased relatives.

Here are some of the pics I took this morning.

jasmine with her bunch of flowers to offer her great grandparents.
The Buddha statuesThe alters (San chue phai)The pagoda

new blog on visit to Kuala Gula

fello visitors/bloggers,
I'v added another blog on my family vacation to Kuala Gula.
Sightseing to the chinese temple, tour to the Belacan Factory, up close and personal with the storks and great food we had there.

Do check out

Check out my new blog on vacation

I've just made an attempt to create another blog on vacation.

My first blog post would be on Teluk senangin's Turtle sactuary at Pasir Panjang. We were there the last Ramadhan ..on our way to check in at Swiss Garden Resort, Damai Laut for our family vacation.

I just want to share those wonderful fun and beautiful memories I had with my family of 6 (my hubby and 4 kids)vacationing at local spots in Malaysia which I'm very proud of. Having so many kids is pretty taxing on the pocket to go for vacation overseas.

Malaysia is so rich with great places to visit ,not to mention the great food and warm people that simply make you proud to be a Malaysian.

Enjoy reading.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

kids inhouse camping

my kids have always wanted to go camping but everytime it's a No No from my lou kong (hubby) and I. Moreover v don't have time and we are not "fong sam" to let them camp at such small age.

So as an option as not to waste the 4 men tent which I bought from Tesco at a very good price(normal price RM69.90..I got it for RM49.90), we allow them to camp just behind our house(between the old and new wing).

The BODYPAC tent is quite good quality and has many compact features, good ventilation and spacious. Really value for money. Even my hubby and I could go in with my kids.Half way through the camping and moonlighting, my princesses came out looking for their "bed" and kakak, while the boys slept overnight in the tent till this morning.

I could even here their snoring from outside.

At least they haad a chance to camp this school holiday.

Addicted to neck pain oredi.

I can understand why some of u bloggers are so fanatic about this blogging bizness.
Besides the $$$$ i suppose it's the flow of thoughts that comes ad u just wanna let it all out bfore u run out of ideas of your composition. Agree?

Then u end up having neck pain, tension here tension there, from normal homosapien turning into nocturnal bloggers ..sleeping when most people are awake and awake wehn people are sleeping I think my fren Samm can relate to this.

So for u bloggers out there who suffers neckache and backache here and there, try some of these stretching exs in between your blogging session to break the muscle tension.

Stay healthy to stay blogging.

Princess Diary Part 1

Early this month Jusco had a Disney Royal Makeover promotion in Ipoh.
The condition is to purchase from Jusco or its tenant worth RM30. Then customers are entitled to have their child to make up and dress up in their favourite choice of princess/prince outfit.They also gotta the chance to keep 1 photo out of the 4 photo shots taken by the organiser's photgraphers.

I was lucky to get the 39th& 40th place in the long queue after queing up half an hour early for the registration as it was a first come first serve basis and the quota was 40 customers each day.

The girls had great time dressing up, make up and parading on the castle stage decorated with Xmas trees and castle background.

Thank you Disney & Jusco for organising such least I got to take a whole collection of nice photos without hurting my pocket going to the studio.
Wat to do...poor mummy of four gotto jimat a bit.

Hope on here for the Princesses Diary Part 2

adeline resort

For this holiday season, if u guys r in Ipoh, do check out this place call Adeline Resort for nature experience. It's 6km from the Gopeng town mainroad.

A friend recommended this place to us. we went a few weeks ago for tea (RM5 per head). we had char kueh tiaw, fried sweet potato, cabbage wrap artificial sharkfin and teh tarik. We were so satiated that I had to skip dinner that day.

U can stay overnight at the challets built on a rubber estate. The owner Adeline cooks real good food but because she only has a maid to help her ..u guys need to wash up your own eating utensils after eating , lol.

Many outdoor activities can be arrangd upon request with the orang Asli as escort. There are white water rafting, caving in Gua Kandu, jungle tracking, Natural Jacuzzi & waterfall, catching the Rajah Brookee butterfly, visit the orang asli village and wet abseiling.

Great place for quite relaxation and meditation, outdoor activities, great food and great to discipline your kids to wash their own plates after eating, lol.

Oh don't forget your mosquito repellent..I was told at night not so many mosquitos when the atmosphere becomes cooler.


planning to take my boys there for camping next time.

I miss my uncle

Today is my uncle's "wui wan" and his wife and children are all hiding in the room after offering food on the table for him.
He passed on on 11Dec after a 9 hour operation for heart bypass at IJN.
I miss him alot. He is my best uncle whom i owe my childhood to. The skill i gain in swimming,
adventurous stuff like bicycling, jungle tracking, hiking to waterfalls....all because of him. He was the one who encourage me to take up these activities which my dad wouldn't allow fearing that they were too dangerous for me during my childhood.

Now that he's gone, i pray that his soul would rest in peace and be free to visit wherever he wanted to go before he pased away. He loved to travel. I really feel soory for my auntie who misses him a lot everyday. They were such loving couple at the last moments.

All I have now are the memories and picturesI took throughout his funeral until the moment when his body was cremated and the ashes released into the Kinta river.

U will always be in my heart my dear uncle no matter whre ur soul may be.

i'm a new comer

thanks to my ol fren who is an expert in blogging now and earning big bucks..I'm finally in as
a very very AMATEUR blogger.

Just found my new year resolution for 2008 be good at blogging and eventually can earn
extra income without having to work so hard physically as my job required and spend more time at home with my 4 muskeeteers.

So Sifu blogger....need you guidance.