Monday, October 6, 2008

Pet-ty Sunday! (Part 1)

For breakfast mom allowed us to have our favourite Vono instant soup- Mushroom cheese & Potato Muschroom flavours.
Chef Daniel volunteered to prepare the soup for everyone.
We had soup with cheese twist bread & also Pandan cake which dad bought from Jusco.

After breakfast, we head on to Uncle W's dog farm. Uncle W breed dogs. Today mom suggested to dad to let us have a feel of adopting a pet dog. Due to recent many house break ins in our area, it might be a good idea to keep a dog at home. However, before that we boys were put to a test to see we are capable of having a puppy as a pet.

At Uncle W's farm, we had a great time playing with some puppies. Our little sisters were quite scared of the playful puppies running and licking all over them until daddy had to carry both of them.

However , later Jasmine & Juliana befriended the puppies & conquered their fear.

We were particularly quite fond of 3 cute puppies of a farm dog mix with Alsatian breed.

Aren't they cute and adorable?

Are we really ready for a pet at this age???? There are so many factors to consider.

What's your opinion?


agnes said...

the puppy so cute!!!! i love puppy esp those at this stage!!!

i remembered my sisters & i always playing with farm dogs in my aunty's farm in chemor.. and we have a few farm dogs at home too.. and not forgetting the chickens.. goose... and duck!!!!

really doubt if city child got the chance to enjoy all these!!! hmm...

Angeline said...

when kids finally conquered their fears...there's always a sense of pride in mommy's heart, doesn't it?

jazzmint said...

ur boys so big already, can adopt 1 lah...but problem might be 1 dog for 4 kids, pity the dog LOL