Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog constipation!

Atttention readers!

The blogger is experiencing blog constipation. Hoping to purge soon once she could find the time remedy this long weekend in view of Labour Day weekend.

Meanwhile Happy weekend & Happy Holidays!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trip to Penang

Last weekend on 19th April, we were in Penang for a family vacation. It was a Public Holiday for Perakians. We stayed for 3 days 2 nights at a hotel & spend some time doing shopping & jalan -jalan cari makan (went around searching for food). Also took the kids to a nearby beach. My kids granny, aunties & uncles as well as their cousins also went along.

The pictures will speak for themselves.

Kids getting excited & ready to dip into the hotel pool.

Fun in the hotel pool

HAd to wait & queue up for almost 1 hour to taste GUAN's famous APOM.
Will blog about this APOM Guan in detail again in coming posts.

The place we had dinner..but the food is lousy & expensive though has varieties.

Northam Cafe..seafront cafe..nice ambience but food expensive & nothing to shout about though there were great varieties to choose.

Instead I prefer the typical old coffeshop that serve homecook dishes at this place (it was recommended to us by my late daddy..place where normally only locals would knw how to go):

to be continued...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

weekend 10th,11th& 12th April 09

Friday 10 April 09

Last Friday, mommy & daddy took Ah Ma to K.L to settle Ah Kong pension matters (after he passed away on 27Feb 09).

Daniel & Dennis the twin kor kor went to school while the little girls Ju & Min ponteng(miss) school & followed mommy & daddy along.

At the pension office while waiting for it to open, Ju & Min lepak around the book shop.

Then we went to shop at IKEA. Didnt buy much but mommy loves the meatballs with the gravy & jam at IKEA's cafe. TaPau (Take away) some chicken wings & meat balls for the boys.

Saturday 11 April 09

what did mommy cook??

Simple dishes again:

Left over chic wings frm IKEA

Warm cooked Siamese rice with sweetbasil leave

Overview of the dishes

Closer look:

Chicky PAPAYia soup( ripe papaya(substitute the usual carrot), potato& tomato chicken soup)
- rich in beta carotene..taste almost the same as the normal ABC soup but naturally sweeter!)

Once aPrawn a time in France (French Beans stir fried with prawns)

"Fern"tastic Chikomato (Paku vege stir fried with sambal tomato & diced chicken meat


The Tangy-ples (orange & apples)

Papaya with Lime

Sunday 12 April

Had simple set chinese lunch at EEPOH restaurant.

Dishes of Pork ribs, Chicken, Fish, Tofu, Vege & a soup for 6 persons in our family only cost about RM58. Cheap??? The food was great. Kids enjoyed very much.

Evening- took boys for haircut at mommy's saloon.

Took mommy's friend to Wooley Foodcourt for variety of food such as spinach noodle with herbal chicken soup, popiah, fried kueh tiaw, Kai Si hor fun, taugeh & spaghetti.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chores! Grumbling & Cooking!

I didnt get my nap as I planned to this afternoon. Was blogging a bit, do housework a bit & grumble a bit for the mess the kids did to the house, the bathroom & toilet which stinks after they use them.

Later after doing 2 rounds of laundry with washing machine, I settled down to cook dinner.

This is what I cook but before I could take the pictures my family "gasak" (wallop) almost half of it when I was attending to a phone call.

Nevermindlah ! At least it shows that my cooking pleased their appetite!

Here are the dishes to eat with plain "Cintan" egg noodle instead of the usual rice:

Boiled cintan noodle mixed with garlic oil (Emmm i like the fragrant!)

"Moo Moo Kailan"
(Beef burger meat fried with Kailan)

Popeye in Garlic Sauna (Stir Fried SPinach with garlic)

Tomato Cili Cha Cha, Bilis Samba
(Sambal Tomato & ikan Bilis)

Like the names for my dishes?

Have a great week ahead. Take care.

Went for Cheng Beng at Bercham Crematorium today

After a very light breakfast, we went to Kpg Simee market to get some vegetarian food , kueh , fruits & flowers to offer Di Ah Kong (daddy's father)at the Bercham crematorium. He passed away on 22 February 2005 before Jasmine was born. Mommy also bought a box of complete packaging of paper clothings, and personal accesories like spectacles, watch, shoes, cloth, walking stick, cash & some gold and "wong sang chin" (to reduce the sufferings of the deceased). She even contemplated to get Ah Kong a Paper Maid. It cost about RM40 each and the height is about 100cm tall. Wah no joke man!..same price as booking a real maid to do a 2hour domestic job. Luckily there was no stock and one has to pre-order. So mommy dropped that idea.

This time around we were not allowed to give any offerings or perform Cheng Beng to Mi Ah Kong(mommy's dad)who just passed away on 27 February 2009.

When we arrived at the crematorium, the crowd was madness..the atmosphere was smokey..but yet orderly compared to going to the graveyard. Everything is so convenient , clean & simpler to deal with. They even provide proper long tables for offerings, tonnes of vases for flowers and allocated proper containers/ partitions to burn the paper assets & necessities for the deceased. Gosh times have really changed & Cheng Beng is really made easy when one is cremated at such a place.

After placing the offerings for some time, daddy threw the coins to see the indication whether Ah Kong has finished his food that we offered.Once the answer is yes (one head & one tail frm the coins), we proceed on with burning of the box filled with his necessities & accesories.

Once finished, we went upstairs by lift to 3rd floor to pay respect to Di Ah Kong but didnt offer anything. Just pray & bow. His photo & the marble plug were not up yet since his cremation in February.

Once everything was over, we went to Mc D for lunch.

Then went home to rest before mom cook us simple dinner tonight.

Passport to fly!!

Just found recently that Immigration Department is open on Saturdays & Sundays frm 8am - 1pm at certain places like K.L, Johor & Ipoh.(not sure about other places)

This information really helps busy couple like us to save our wrkg hours or to take leave to go to Immigration department.

Took our 4 muskeeters along to make passports for them as we will be fying to Singapore in 2 months time to celebrate Di Ah Ma's 80 birthday in Singapore.

Less than 1 hour, we got back our passports & the amount was RM150 for each kid & RM300 for adults. The staff were friendly..mainly because no pressure to work on weekends ..only a handful of people there. They fixed a quota of 60 people to attend to for Saturday & Sunday (8am-1pm) but I think they hardly hit that number.

While waiting for about 15 minutes for them to print out the passports, the kids were enjoying themselves running around the empty building. Take a look:

Backdated post: Mom's own Home cook Dinner on 29.3.09

What's for dinner on Sunday

Popeye in Egg Sauna (Spinach steam with egg & top with fried minced meat)

Hot dogs with Sexy Mayo

Chicky Flora & Fiona (Stir Fry Diced Chicken with brocoli, Cauliflower, Carrots & Capsicum)

Nutty "Po- fessor" (Chinese nuts with other nourishing ingredients in chicken bone soup)

Dessert: Australian apple frm Mi Ah MA's tree at her house. Taste a bit like Honey Dew clon with mango.