Monday, October 6, 2008

Pet-ty Sunday! (Part2)

Not far from Uncle W's farm was apet centre called the RPRS pet centre along the Tambun main road.

Here at RPRS there were more cats than dogs. They are basically cats of various breeds like Bombay, Sianmese, Persian & Russian Blue. Besides, they also have the Angora rabbits, Budgies birds.

Take a look at this slideshow here.

After this place, we went down further up (road heading to Giant)and stopped by another shop which we thought it was a pet shop but turn out to be a Vet & grooming centre for pets. Outside the shop window this is what we saw:

Then we had lunch just along the shoplots at one coffee shop which serves various sweetsour dish like sweetsour pork ribs, chicken and "Ku Low Yook" rice. We ordered one each while daddy had salted fish fried rice and sisters had "fried yee mee".

After lunch, we went to mommy's hair saloon for haircut as there was a long queue at daddy's Indian barber where dad & kor kor used to go for hair cut. So mommy decided to let us 4 have haircut at her saloon. It was quite free at that time.

More story on hair cut in the next post.

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Angeline said...

its really Pet-ty!