Saturday, September 26, 2009

weekend on call & Clearwater there after

Today I had to be on call at the Intensive & Coronary Care Unit.

After finished work, hubby drove us all to Clearwater Batu Gajah. As usual he plays Golf while I "surf' and the kids have fun in the pool & game room.

Some pics to tag along this post:

Here's my little Jasmine taking swimming lessons frm his Kor Kors

Good girl..relax and kick

Jasmine and her swimming coaches/instructors:

Doing the breathing exs in water:

The trio trying to escape in the buggy to look for daddy at the golf course while mmoomy blogging.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfiltri 2009!

What I did with my family?

1)Open houses 1st day & 2nd Day at Uncle zul & uncle Bakar's place.

2) Enjoyed Yummy food: rendang, lemang, nasi impit , kuah kacang, raya cookies & goodies.
3) Dolled them up in Raya costumes...Satu Malaysia spirit mah!

4) Bought the kids a 3 ringpool (that can accomodate 6 adults) frm Tesco. They had great fun at the backyard.

Sad that there is only 1 day more to enjoy , then have to be back to work routine again. Nonetheless, the kids will still be enjoying their school holidays till end of the whole week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So you Think You Can BLOG? Check out: Project Alpha

If you are a Mind Science Practioner like me, you would probably think Project Alpha is about reaching Alpha level of the mind.

Well, Project Alpha has nothing to do with mind science but about here for more details.

Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers across the nation.

Project Alpha emphasizes that every blogger is unique in their own way, each gaining popularity and credibility as opinion leaders on various topics including celebrity news, fashion trends, travel and entertainment. It is set to be the first online TV show to look beyond the screen to unveil the real faces behind Malaysia’s top bloggers.

Project Alpha is also looking forward to a high powered working Mum, two shopaholics and a full-time accountant by day who is a powerful entertainment blogger by night in Project Alpha.

Hosted by Jojo Struys (, Project Alpha will be aired on and daily for 7 weeks starting on 18 September 2009. Each episode is approximately 3 minutes and aims to deliver diverse content just for you.

Project Alpha inspires to encourage people from all walks of life start their own blog to share their passions in life. Who knows, you might be featured in the next season of Project Alpha as a blogger we uncovered?

So if you are a contest freak/addict like me, please hurry, great prizes await you here!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Fun Day Trip to Taiping

Jalan -jalan Cari Makan:

Jalan-jalan Cari Muzium & Tasik:

Jalan-jalan Cari Monyet & Babi Hutan:

Great fun and so much accomplished in half a day.

Thks darling hubby for driving us around!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A short but sweet Day trip to Cameron Highlands

As tomorrow is a Public Holiday for our state (Nuzul Quaran), hubby spontaneously decided to drive us all up to Cameron Highlands for a day trip to Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (Going around to look for food).

We took off after I prepared these breakfast (Seafod Tom Yam Fried rice & Tuna Sandwiches) & snack for my family:

So what did we do in Cameron Highlands? These pictures will tell you some of the places we visited :

1) Our first stop at Green View Garden, where we bought many boxes of Oyster mushroom Crisps (original, wasabi, curry & blackpepper flavours)

2) Eating durians (my enemy fruit) by the roadside:

3) Kids shopping for their Ben10 & Barbie sweaters at the Sunday Pasar Pagi(Morning Market):

4) hotel hopping @ Equatorial, Heritage, Marina Chalet, GreenView hotel, Century Pine Hotel, etc

5) We also tasted the raw jagung (sweet corn), oyster mushroom/ water crest Tempura and the Teh tarik in Cameron Highlands. Not to mention shopping for the sweet & big oranges, Giant Bubble racket for the kids, & other nick nacks.

The kids were pretty excited throughout the trip. though they were whining us all the way & bugged us to stay a night in Camerons. After some negotiation, they somehow gave in to us . We reached home about 6.30pm.

We had simple Maggi Goreng with Fried Fish & steam Vege for dinner.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My own version of Portugese Assam Fish & Prawn

So this post will be a continuation from my previous post. What did I cook for my beloved family tonight after the Twins' taekwando & hubby's Golf far away at Damai Laut?

1) My own version of Portugese Assam Selar Goreng & prawn with brinjals, carrots, & green gourd:

2) Udang Assam Jawa (Tamarind Assam Prawn)

3) Oyster Sauce Taufu with Minced Meat,Prawn & Brocolli

Yummy looking? Well I love the tastes myself, too. My family "gasak" (wallup) everything leaving all the plates empty. Must be due to their activities prior to dinner: taekwando, golfing, playground!!

My simple Saturday morning till evening - just Me & my 4 kids

Hubby has left home as early as 8am to be with his friends at Damai Laut for Golf (18 holes).

The kids and I had the luxury to sleep till about 10am as I do not have locum like usual Saturdays. So what did the 5 of us do before daddy came home?

1) Breakfast - I reheat the Murtabak (our favorite during Ramadhan month)with the pink coloured shalots in sugar water. Emm yummilicious!!

2) Kids helped me with laundry and washing up before we left for lunch around 1pm

3)) Lunch @ KFC- kids had Cheezy chickaroni while I had the Zinger fillet rice & coleslaw.

Also bought the promotional KFC Zinger watches for the girls:

4)Then we proceed to JUSCO to "lepak" (walk around) and shop for my groceries.
a) The kids had fun walking around with their new cartoon masks:

b) They were also greeted by Cadbury Mascot Pink JUMBO and the promoter kor kor who gave them balloons:

5) Then sent the twins kor kor for Taekwando after which I took the Mei Meis to Pologround :

Then hubby came back an hour after we were at the playground.

So this good wifey had decided to cook 3 simplicious dishes to go with warm rice for BUKA PUASA(break fast for MUSLIMS). Wanna knw what i cooked..stay tune to my next post.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trade Show Flooring , Carpet , Logo Mats & Logo canopies

I went to a recent MATTA fair here in our place and was quite surprise to see the number of "Show Stopper Event Canopies & event Concession Stands" outside the actual MATTA (Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents)fair exhibition area. These stalls were actually not promoting tour & travel items but merely communication network providers like MAXIS, HOTLINK, BROADband, etc.

The Printed logo canopy and other styles of printed tents are used by a wide variety of companies nowadays selling products on the go. They are great for outdoor events come rain or shine! The canopies & concession stands may come in colourful & very attractive designs & look quite easy to be set up. If you want to have an idea what I am referring to, click here.. These canopies are the mainstay of presenters at all types of fairs and festivals.

Besides, those canopies & stands, Trade show exhibitors can also use trade show carpets to add a nice comfortable touch to any exhibit. Click here to see some of the trade show flooring & carpets commonly used in trade shows or exhibitions. These trade show flooring comes in a variety of styles and shapes. There is even a line of printed flooring, so that end users can add a logo or message to the flooring.

Offices, stores, retail outlets and retail chains often times use logo mats. Logo mats can be printed in several different ways.Inlaid logos are common and full color digital images can be produced.Some of these high tech digital printing can look so real on the floors of shopping complexes. Some business companies especially those car showrooms or restaurants will normally use the commercial logo mats at their entrance of their showrooms to attract & welcome their visitors, customers and potential car buyers like these mats here.

I guess the logo mats, logo canopies, trade show floorings & carpets are indeed great promotional ideas to capture potential buyers in the business world!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunglasses, accessories & jewellery for any occasions

If you dig into a ladies' handbag, I'm sure you will find at least one of these accessories :make up, sunglasses, hosiery or even some jewellery.

Talking about sunglasses, do you know exactly how to choose sunglasses with proper UV light protection; ascertain which designs would suit your face (and not looking bug- like) or just merely pocket friendly in price? If you need some guidance on safety tips when choosing a pair of sunglasses, you need to read here.

With the current increase in crime rates like snatch-thefts & robberies, do you have confidence in wearing jewelleries as casual as you like when going out or going to work and attending formal functions? If jewellery is your best friend no matter what occasion, then this is the right place for you. Jewellery is a must when Chinese family has a wedding occasion. Parents of the bride and groom will not be spared to shop for jewellery for their children who are getting married.

Since this month is a ghostly month in the Chinese lunar calendar, perhaps there will less Chinese wedding in Malaysia during this month, thus less demand for jewellery especially gold. However, people can still shop for jewellery for their loved ones or friends for occasions like birthdays, fullmoon celebration for babies, wedding anniversaries or just simply for no reason. I seriously don't mind having one of these jewelleries from my hubby for no reason or maybe as a token of appreciation for being his wife & mother to his 4 kids. Just hope he will not get a fake on online if he decided to get me this particular one that I like (picture below). LOL!!