Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Outing (2)- Visit to the World's Largest Buddha Relics & Tibetan Antiques Cultural Exhibition

Thks to uncle Asokan who informed me about this great exhibition.

Have you ever seen Buddha's blood, flesh & bone relics? here they are:

This is God of Prosperity (some may call him Choy Sun Yeh):

The kids also had their chance to bathe the Little Buddha & got blessings from the Tibetan Monks who sprinkled holy rice over us & gave us sweets & candies.

It was indeed a very interesting, eye opening & knowledgeable event both for us as parents as well as for my 4 kids. The best thing is admission to this great exhibition is FREE!As today is the last day of the exhibition, we were told that the organiser will fly back all the relics & antiques back to their places of origin like Taiwan & Singapore, etc.

Merdeka outing (1) - Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah

Today is Merdeka Day (Malaysia's Independence Day)..Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Daddy took all of us to Clearwater to spend about 5 hours there. Auntie Pat(mommy's old schoolmate), her hubby & her twins met up with us there, too).

As there were no one in the swimming pool, mommy allowed us to have some fun splashing time all by ourselves (no crowd , no fear of H1N1).

Look at how much fun we had "pooling" around at the swimming pool:

More pics at mommy's vacation blog here:

After that we spent some time in the Game room playing computer games & indoor playpen while mommy facebook & daddy read his newspaper. We also had some snack, sandwiches & fruits brought from home & also shared by Auntie Pat.

Then we left for our next visit to... The World's LArgest Buddha Relics & Tibetan Antiques Cultural Exhibition. Stay tune for the next post on this.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Holiday & Merdeka Eve Picnic

Good weather..succesful picnic today. Yes!!!

I invited my old classmate Jas & her family to join mine. I made Nasi Tak Lemak with sambal cuttlefish & tamarind sardine with fried egg, fried aome burgers, sausages & POPCorn chicken, while Jas' made fried mee hoon & made sandwiches.we also had snack like Chickadees & Mamee monster.

The kids had fun flying the kites, played badminton, blowed bubbles & running all over.

Simple & economical outing, great fellowship & family bonding...better than going to enclosed/ indoor places during this H1N1 pandemic, rite?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our simple Saturday

I had to run some errands in the morning & chauffer mum to buy fruits & food for offerings to dad & other deceased ancestors at the Kek Lok Seah temple at 1.30pm today.

After all the errands were done, we went out for ala carte lunch at the Wooley food court. Some ordered Vietnamese Chicken chop rice, some had Penang fried kueh tiaw, some had spaghetti & sizzling pan mee. We "ta pau" (takeaway some of my dad's favorite dishes & rice in a tiffin carrier to offer him at the temple)

After lunch we proceeded to Kek Lok Seah temple for the prayers.

After the prayers, we adjourned home & spent time at home as it was drizzling again.

At night I cooked these for my family:

1) Ku low Yook (Sweet Sour Mini Pork chops)

2) Tauchu Taufu On Taufu (First deep fry 3 taufu. Use one of it & mashed it up to cook with minced meat & tauchu, then pour back onto the fried ones)

3) Drunked Popeye (spinach with chinese cooking wine)

For tomorrow picnic: nasi lemak with tamarind sardine, & sambal cuttlefish,

Will fry burgers, sausages , popcorn chicken & fried eggs tomorrow morning itself.

Stay tune on my next post on the Picnic.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's school holiday adventure

This morning's weather was cloudy but not wet in the morning.

Mommy & daddy decided to take us out for more adventurous outing today. Joining us in our small MPV were AhMa(mom's mommy) and our cousins Yi wern & Hong Hong.

But first we went to market to buy some stuff for prayers for Hungry ghost 9this month is Ghost festival month). Grandma & mommy bought all the things needed to offer prayers to the deceased ancestors and for Ah Kong (both mommy & daddy's dad) tomorrow.

Then after a very light breakfast, we began our journey to Gua Tempurung (a cave about 30 minutes drive from where we stay). On our way, we stopped at Restaurant Embassy for early lunch.

These are some of the dishes we ordered to go with rice:

1) Ginger chicken
2) Cuttlefish & Kangkung with satay sauce
3) Choon Kuen (Lobak- spring roll)
4) Steam 3 types of egg(century, chicken & salted egg)
5) In house fried stuffed taufu

When we arrived, it was Friday prayers' time and we had to wait for about 1 and a half hours for the group tour. While waiting we explored the nearby vicinity. Here are some of the slide pictures:

After playing for a while at the playground near the cave, daddy decided not to wait & move on to another cave as it was about to drizzle. We then headed for the Kuan Yin cave nearer to the city.

After that we drive along other cave temples along the way before going to our next stop- Drive thru at Mc Donalds for sundae cones!

Free & easy , happy & fun !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wet wet surprise today!

If u read my previous post, we thought of giving the kids a surprise by taking them out today. The few ideas were either one of the following:
1) Pony ride at the equestrian club
2) Kek Lok Tong (cave) playground & water lily pond
3) Kuan Yin temple/cave

However, due to the non stop rain & wet day , we were kind of tied down at home after lunch at A-shore cafe.

Then we decided to have home KARAOKE but couldnt find the remote last everyone just laze around doing their own stuff.
Mommy clearing the house.
Daddy reading.
Twins pillow fight.
Gals play with toys& messing up.

Ohh rain rain when will you stop & go away??

Hope tomorrow will be a better weather and hope our plans wont be ruined again like today!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's "UP" today for school holiday fun with my kids?

Today mommy & daddy took leave till merdeka weekend to spend time with us- her precious 4.

We had lunch at Parkson, then a wee bit of shopping before we went for cinema show "UP" at GSC.

Mommy only had to pay for 2 kids ticket as she won 2 tickets for adults from a "cant remember" what contest few months back.

Look how happy we were:

Tomorrow's outing: might be caving, might be going to fishing village, dont know yet! Wait for surprises from mommy & daddy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

H1N1 or H1N4 in our home?

Past few days, we have been playing doctor, nurse & patients at home since Dennis our second twin first presented with all the H1N1 symptoms. He had high fever, sorethroat, cough plus muscular pain over his calf until he could barely stand & walk. A week earlier, hubby had a bad flu with fever but no sorethroat.

After Dennis, I started to have mild fever. Thanks to the flu jab I was entitled to take in my healthcare profession, i didnt have much flu or sorethroat but only bodyaches. Then my 5 yr old princess got the bug (fever & cough), after that my first twin Daniel was next in line. Finally needless to say & expectedly my youngest princess took the last in queue.

I didnt choose to admit them in the government nor private Paeds ward as I am more confident & comfortable to self quarantine and nurse all of us at home. Doctor didnt do any swap as expected nor give any Tamiflu (better that way coz we were told TAmiflu can cause brain damage in children). I just presume we had it!

So in the recovery period of this H1N1-like symptoms, we all had better bonding at home, spending time playing(I made play dough for my bored kids), we played doctor, nurses & patients (the kids took turn tobe in charge of taking temperature with the digital thermometer I once won frm a contest). One thing for sure, the thermometer was our most useful play toy.

Take a look at some of these shots I took;

1) 4 yr old Little princess play nurse while kor kor Dennis was the patient:

2) 5yr old princess sponging herself with wet towel & taking her own temperature:

3) The four bored sickos playing with homemade play dough mommy made for them:

4) The dettol hamper worth RM500 which I won lately was indeed very handy for us. I also changed all their toothbrush during this period:

Thank God we are all getting better now. To think positive, at least we all now have better immunity to H1N1!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Attended A Play workshop on A Sunday!

Yes indeed I attended a Play workshop today to learn how to play of course.

You will be surprised how much our kids and we as adults have neglected ourselves from "playing" these days due to hectic working & schooling timetable.

In this workshop, we were exposed to ideas of many types of Play to enhance our kids' knowledge as well as bonding between the parents and the children.

Nowadays it's so hard to find time to play...not like our childhood ,our parents' childhood & the childhood of many generations ago. All kids know how to play are digital games nowadays. Same goes for adults whose toys or game are mainly in the facebook or blogging!. Shake head..what a shame to be one of them in this category.

How often do mothers really allow their kids to play with water colours, play dough, let them sweat out at the park & be with them in the wet pool often enough to know what they really like? Do we allow them to help out in the kitchen instead of "No No , go out and dont disturb me or mess up things here!

Well today I relearn how to play again & to accept that "It's OK to let my kids to mess a bit in the playing process!

I'm glad to realise that my messy & cluttered hall shows that my kids enjoy playing but I need to spend more time playing with them instead of facebooking & blogging.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

HAppy Sunday Bone Tickling Funny Video!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a splendid time spending your precious time with your precious loved ones on this beautiful Sunday!

Here's a funny video to tickle your funny bone . Take a look:

funny toothpaste commercial - Watch more Funny Videos

So ladies who have sensitive...., men partners please be careful!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks Dettol for the consolation Hamper worth RM500!

Today the courier man was at my doorstep to deliver the hamper I won frm Dettol Best Protection for our family Contest which ran frm 1March to 30 April 2009. Thanks to Mrs.C my neighbour who has kindly accepted & signed on my behalf.

Please take a peep into my contest blog to see what's inside the huge heavy parcel i received.

I'm truly lucky to be one of the 10 lucky consolation prize winners picked from the nationwide contestants.

Once again thank you Dettol.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To Jasmine -11 August 09

Digital Scrapbooking at
Photo Tinks by

Jasmine is 4 on 11 August 09.

We had an early family celebration with a simple carrot cake at home.

Then mommy bought Jasmine her favourite Thomas train cake to be celebrated with her beloved friends in her Foundation class at Merryland.

Princess Jasmine was indeed the happiest girl in Merryland that day(6Aug 09).

Here's wishing our sweet Princess Jasmine ..Sweet & Happy Birthday..May you stay healthy, happy & wise always!

Friday, August 7, 2009

What's your outfit for work and for casual?

Depending on the kind of profession and work you do, different women have different preferences in their dressing to suit the occasions.

If you are in corporate line, are you the one for Suits? If yes, would you prefer suit skirt or suit pants? Me, neither!! Thankfully in my profession, I don't need to wear such formal & boring outfits!

Instead, I'm more for "Business Casual Wear" that make me looking relax at work yet neat and pulled together.This type of business casual wear falls into the middle ground between formal wear ( suits and dresses) and street wear!! They go perfectly with my lab coat at work.

What about for weekends casuals? I'm sure many who have to wear uniforms & formal clothings for working days , would go all out for weekend casual outfits- be it when you are at home, on shopping errands, dropping the kids off at a friend's house, hanging around for some relaxation, or even going out on the town? My favourite would be cotton spaghetti stripe Tshirts with cotton short pants or jeans!!

So do you favour any partiicular clothings designers?

I feel so lucky to stay in Malaysia where I can enjoy summer clothings all the time here!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Went to pasar malam tonite after almost 8 months...

Routine was sooo monotonus & tight that i just realised I've not been to any pasar Malam in the neighbourhood for the past 8 months.

Gosh..the amount of new stuff, great bargains & fanciful stuff there just cheer me up but the aftermath..lubang(hole) in the pocket after spending so much in one night.

Nevertheless, i felt great & managed to destress for a moment while my hubby babysitted my 4 kids while I went and catch up with an old classmate while shopping there.

I must make a point to at least for once a month to create some space for myself from taxing routine & take a break!!!

So what did I spent on tonight?

Hair accessories , stickers, nick nacks for my princesses,

food stuff, shoes, hair accessories for myself,

sword fish for my garden pond

popiah for my hubby

Thk God that was about it after my self control & discipline on spending!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Help! I need ideas to clear clutters by kids at home!

Just cleared one corner , they start creating another mess else ants making nests!

These are my little chicky girls who are fond of making clutters at home for their domestic slave mom to clear.

Why oh why kids like to mess up their home?

Juliana loves to create packages of schoolbags here & there.
When asked to clear her things, she will migrate all her mess to another corner and tells you that she has cleared the part you wanted her to do. (Hammering myeslf!!)

Jasmine is also learning from her nowadays.

any great suggestions how to make the tidiness last longer after each time I clear the clutter/mess?

Gravy-licious Lunch & Simple dinner

What I cooked today for lunch:

1) Fried egg in tomato sauce
2) Chindian Chic
3) Fried cabbage with fishcake
4) Meat Ball anchovies Soup love all the dishes....wallup everthing!
"Thk you mummy for the delicious meal!"....That's my reward..

Dinner: Just simple Salmon & Potato Fried Rice.

Also boiled Sugarcane water (Leong sui)

Quick fix for dinner saves time & $$$ frm eating out. Now watching Yasmin Ahmad's great wrk on TV3..Muksyin.

Happy weekend everyone!