Friday, October 3, 2008

How we spent our Aidilfitri Day 1..

we had "mi Ku" the red/pink tortoise pau with peanut butter for breakfast on Saturday.

Went to God granny's place for lunch (after prayers for 4th grand uncle's death anniversary. Gathered there were late granduncle's children & his sisters (our grand aunties)

After lunch, we played with uncle Raymond's little puppy. Cousin Yi Wern also with us.


Went for dinner at our regular shop..had "Ku Low yoke " rice (tomato sauce deep fried pork rice), "Si Chap Mai Fun"( blackbean paste fried mee hoon" and "Kai lap Fun"(diced chicken saucy chicken rice)

After dinner, for the first time we went to Pasar Malam as a family.

Mom bought vege while we took a look at toys in one of the stalls.
We bought fish ball & sie mai for tomorrows breakfast (2nd day of Raya).

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh i bought lots of pink tortoises and sau toh too. so delicious!!!