Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pls stretchhhhhh in between your prolong posture!

Lately i've been seing a lot of chronic pain patients with neck, back, shoulder , knees, ankle & wrist joint pain.

Why?? Because of their prolong hours of static posture being in their work station such as long hours of computer work, in factory, too much standing, repeated stress to their joints & just by simply not moving and breaking monotonus posture at work.

This is called Work- related Musculoskeletal Disorders. These problems if not addressed early, will lead to chronic (long term) problems later on.

So, please stretch in between work, pace out your duration of prolong activities, break the pattern of being in one position for toooo long!

Love your neck, back, shoulder, knees , write & all your joints & take good care of them. !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday special at home

Today breakfast I cooked porridge. The condiments included mini chicken chops, fried egg with spaghetti sauce & fried beansprout& long beans with oyster sauce.

Sorry forgot to take the pics as I was in a hurry to bring some of the porridge for a friend who is in hospital. She can only consume blended food.So I specially prepared some porridge with anchovies, mini chicken chop & vege in the porridge for his son to blend for her . Also made her some dragon fruit yogurt.Hope she gets well soon.

As for lunch, I cook rice & 3 dishes:
1) chicken satay with peanut sauce,
2) cincalok mix vege (brinjal, cucumber, tomatoes with cincalok)
3) fried fish with soya sauce

As for dinner, me on strike...we ate outside at the gourmet square.
Hubby & myself had dried curry noodle with shredded chicken & prawn while the kids had nasi lemak.

Goodnight! Catch up next weekend.

simple Saturday dinner at YMCA for oni RM39

Last night we had Chinese set dinner of 4 dishes & 1 soup at YMCA cafe for only RM39.00 nett.

We had:

1) Fried Shark Meat with Mayonaise
2) Chinese Green Cabbage
3) Taufu with lots of mushroom & gravy
4) Fried chicken
5) Watercrest Soup

Then after we call for the bill, we got a facial tissue for free & a complimentary dessert of chocolate agar-agar(jelly).

Not bad for a RM39 set dinner, hoh?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Tutti Fruiti Cheesy Chicky Spaghetti" & Tutti Fruiti Yogurt

This morning I went to market to get stuff for lunch & dinner for this weekend.

So I bought nasilemak for my 10yr old twin boys (with sambal) and sambal-less nasi lemak for my 4& 5 yr old princesses. As for low kung(hubby), I got him vegetarian fried mihun & "mak chook" (wheat porridge??, bubur gandum). Then I left to do 2 locums (house calls)after sending the boys for tuition & the daddy satyed at home with the gals.

By 2 pm I came home to cook lunch....Tutti fruiti cheesy chicky spaghetti:

(As the name explains itself..I added fruits to the spaghetti sauce : natural sweetness of mango & papaya instead of adding sugar; crunchy pears & apples; fragrance of basil leaves frm my kitchen garden, some vege like celery, capsicum & fresh tomatoes). Here are some pics of evidence:

Then we made some tutti fruti yogurt with our New Toy redeemed frm Citibank redemptions points...The Click & Mix Moulinex Mixer! The twins helped me with this :

Lazy to cook for dinner...still thinking what to eat for dinner. The boys just got bck frm taekwando & the girls still sleeping.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sickening Sunday cheered up by cows & vege!!

On Saturday 18.7.09, no mood to make breakfast...early morning someone oredi started a cold war here (continuation frm a previous night war over some stupid frogs & the MACC(Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission) issues. Don't ask me to elaborate!
So I took the twins out for a quickie breakfast before sending them to school. Left the two girls to bug HIM. I wont give in this time..not when He has gone beyond my limit of tolerance!!

After I got back by lunch all he was concern was LUNCH after spending the whole stupid morning reading newspaper & DOING nothing!!!!! How luxurious!!
I had to do marketing & then rush to prepare lunch. So as noted in my previous post, I made Penang Fried Kueh Teow & Mamak Mee Goreng for lunch with Lurve.

Then for dinner, here's what I cooked 3 dishes for rice:

Fried Spare ribs marinated with Chinese cooking wine & dark soya sauce,etc.

Fried tofu dip with mayo & chilly-tomato sauce.

Then one stir fried garlic with spinach (forgot to take picture).

Then the next morning, I fried potato wedges & nuggets for breakfast, followed by making chee cheong fun for lunch. Cooked my own chicky mushroom sauce to go with it:

Then in the evening, we went to a fren's Cow & Vege Farm : Take a look the these pics:

Big Thks to Prem for the warm hospitality!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today's Lunch

Today I fried Penang Fried Kueh Teow,

& Mamak Mi Goreng.:

Look what i added in the mee's Twisties' Lurve Hot & Spicy Cruchy cracker

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday meals!

Past 2 weekends we had been staying at home most of the time to minimise the risk of contracting H1N1 flu. Besides, times like now, better go out less, especially to shopping malls to avoid spending unnecessarily.

So that means more home cooking, spend more indoor times with family & more dish washing & hoursechores for me!!

Breakfast: I made my family Lor Mihun( Saucy Gravy MiHun with vege & fish ball, chicken & prawn)
Sorry forgot to snap pic as i was rushing the twins to be on time for their Taekwando.

lunch: 1) fried Red snapper & sauced up with tomato& onion gravy.
2) ABC soup
3) Stir fried Chinese Cabbage with chicken burger meat
4) Sambal Fish Curry Tomato for my hubby

Then my twins made some sushi for the first time with their daddy: Not bad. I fried Salmon & prepare some cold Baby Octopus (prepacked frm Jusco). They creatively made few other varients like banana , chicken floss, fried onion & cheese suchi. Wala!! Nice:

Then we went to the nearby playground for the kids to release some energy & for daddy to burn some calories running in the field.

Dinner: we went to Sharon's Laksa (at Carnival Place where the old Antap Cafe was).
I had Siamese Laksa while hubby & kids had cheezy Yummy spaghetti.

Just put all the kids to bed as it's school tomorrow. They always name Saturday & Sunday their Special Day coz they dnt need to school & can have sooo much fun spending family time with mommy & daddy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nasi Tak lemak for dinner!

For dinner, I cooked Nasi tak Lemak with some dishes to go with it.

First I cooked the rice using evaporated milk instead or coconut milk, added a piece of ginger & 4 leaves of Pandan.

The dishes include:

1) Sambal tumis cuttlefish with Mini Thai Asparagus

2) Fried Scramble Eggs & Fried Tamarinated Sardin

3) Assam Tamarine Prawn

Dessert: Red Bean With Orange Peel & Corn soup ..with additional Ma Chi(Peanut Glutinous Balls)! Yummilicious..wrth my 4hour boiling .

Surprise! Look who is wokking with me?'s my beloved hubby who seldom steps into the kitchen area except to tease & kacau me. No wonder it's raining today despite the blue clear sky! Anyway, glad to have him around to help!

Roti Prata & my own dhall gravy..yummy!

Today's breakfast is Kawan Roti Prata with my own cooked dhal. Got the recipe from an Indian lady wrkg in Jusco where I bought the raw dhall.

The roti is crispy & yummy. The dhall is spiced up & thickilicious!

Also made some sandwiches from the "about- to- expire" Gardenia bread.

Here's my Fried onion sausage & egg mayo mix added with salad dressing & some chopped pears!

Coming up next for lunch is my very own Kai Si Hor Fun & Mai Fun (Chicken strips Kueh tiaw & mihun) both the dry (kon low) and soup version. Twins & daddy loved the dry ones, while the princesses love the soup. Me..I had both version.

Tonight planning to make Nasi Tak Lemak! Stay tune for the post later.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm suffocated by my enemy...

Gotcha! Yes I'm suffocated by the smell of my enemy...DURIAN while hubby & princess Ju are having a good time tasting what they call King of ALL fruits. I'm taking these pictures with one hand pinching my nose.

Yucks!!(Ok Ok i knw I'm labelled as "non Malaysian!)

My sister Penny brought these durians specially for my hubby & kids to enjoy (thank you very muchy...indeed!).

As hubby was opening the durians, most of them were infested by worms & Big one , too like this:

But he claims.."Emmmm good , this means the durian is good, creamy & tasty!"" And look at his gaya(Pose) when opening the Yau Yeng oh!!(Great pose)

Oh My God..I Beh tahan Liao(cannt stand already).. wanna Pengsan liao!!(wanna faint already)

Cannot understand why people like Durian sooo much especially on this type of hot weather some more..Shouldnt they be taking more cooling stuff rather than this what i call "Killer fruit"?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Backdated post: My princesses in Cameron Highlands

Just some pics for memories. Can't remember exactly the date but it's a couple of months ago.

Sunday breakfast...Fish & Chips/ Hot Dogs/ tomyam fried Rice

Sunday 5Juy 2009

Woke up early as usual, did the laundry, facebook a bit, then started prparing breakfast. What did we have?

Cheese sausage dip with lemon , celery & carrot mayo/salad dressing.
Fish & chips with lemon slice

Lunch: Tom Yam fried rice (rice still in picture, sorry)

Sooo many weekends no cook....start cooking again this week.

Our Saturday 4July 2009

What we had for breakfast?

I prepared Roti Prata with Mackeral sauce to go with.
I name this dish The Tsunami Prata & Applelicios Mackerel. The instant Prata bread was bought frm Jusco & I use a canned Mackerel , added some sour green apple strips to replace cucumber, some tamarine sauce and this is what we have:

Named it tsunami because my hubby & kids insisted to have the mackerel gravy pouring & flooding the prata bread. Hubby wants it "Banjir'(flood), my twins called it "tsunami":
Roti Prata Kawan

The Mackerel Sauce with Green Apple slice
Our simple & cheap breakfast

For lunch: I cooked deep fried Red Snapper with garrlic/Ginger & Big Onions; boiled village chiken with pomelo skin(apparently it's good for Asthma, Hypertension & Diabetes)..didnt taste yummy coz the pomelo skin made it bitter: Fried vege. Didnt quite like the lunch on the whole. Forgot to take pictures.

Dinner: Had KFC Jom Jimat meals!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Visit To Taiping Nite Safari & Tambun Pomelo Farm with strokees

In my earlier post on Visit to Pomelo Farm, I went to the farm to survey the feasibilty for the strokees to get in before i actually brought them on the actual day.

On 27June 2009 & 28June 2009 , I organised & took a group of strokees to
visit the Taiping Nite Safari & the Tambun Pomelo Farm in Ipoh

On arrival of the strokees frm Ampang, they were taken for a yummilicious luncheon at Sun Hup Kee at Leong Sin Nam Street.

After that we ta pau "tau Fu Fah"(bean curd dessert) and soya
bean frm the Ipoh famous Funny Mountain for the them to take back
& check into Syuen Hotel.

Then on 27th nite we adjourned to nite Safari.

Can u see the The love- owls?

Though some may not be able to see the night creatures clearly but every effort & steps the
strokees made to attend this outing itself was a great achievement

& self satisfaction to prove There is indeed Life After Stroke.

Before the nite Safari while waiting for the strokees frm Ampang, K.L to arrive by bus, my family went earlier before 7pm to have dinner at Pokok Assam roadside...the famous Curry Fishehead, Lobak (Fried Beancurd skin wrapping some pork ingredients), Assam Prawn(Fried Prawn with tamarine sauce), fried beansprout & steam tofu.
Fried Beansprout with salted Fish (simple & yummy!)

steam tofu with fried onion Assam Prawn
Fried Lobak

Curry Fish Head (the shop's speciality)

After the nite safari, AMPANG strokees even requested for us to Ta Pau
(takeaway) the Taiping famous Doli Halal Fried Kueh Teow for them for
supper. Thumbs up to the handsome young bus driver who was a good
driver to take the strokees safely to their destination in a
commendable pace .

This is the handsome young driver with his friend.

The next morning, we adjourned to the Ipoh Tambun Pomelo Farm on
28June 09 at 10am. The visit was really an eye opener for all of entrance but lots of valuable learning experience gained.

Fellowship at the farm hall where the exercises, laughter, ,music & dance took place besides being served with a variety of fruits by the farm owner Mr.Chin.

Do you knw the following facts about Pomelo?

1) Pomelo has 30% vit C richer than oranges & apples.

2) The skin has more remedial benefits than the inner fruit.
- it can be boiled with water for getting rid of hair dandruff & good
usage as tranquiliser & relaxation medium.
- some researches in taiwan has shown it's benefits in suppresing
Asthma, Hypertension & Diabetes when boiled with "Pak Hup" (one kind of
traditional supplement.
***Strokees were advised to be cautious if they wanna try the
recommended remedy by the pomelo farm owner & at their own risk.

3) The skin & rotten fruit can be recycled to make enzyme.

4) In Africa & overseas, one pmelo can sell up to US$32. We Aseans are
so fortunate to be able to enjoy these pomelos at lower cost.(between

After the fellowship & morning activity at the hall, we adjourned for lunch at Low Wong Nga Choy Kai (the Ipoh famous Chicken & Bean sprout) in town. After that Ampang strokees had their last round of shopping for Ipoh goodies (besides the
20 boxes of Salted Chicken) and headed for home.

Volunteers having fun, too!

Till we meet again, take care & God Bless all the strokees.