Saturday, October 25, 2008

Proximidade Award!!

I felt so honoured to receive another award ..this time a Portugese word Award from Ling and Little Prince mommy and CreativeBBee. Out of curiosity, Ling diligently googled the word "proximidade". It is a Portuguese word which means "proximity" or "nearness". She thinks it means this blog or blogging makes us feel close together ? I agree with her completely..whatever the real meaning of this award, I'm dedicating it in return to her & 7 other bloggers here:

1) Beng beng
2) Daddy
4) tammy
5) kathleen
6) Alicia
7) TSY

They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize please deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.


Angeline said...

Thank you girl for giving me this award! *muack*

(though I've received this award, I'll go back to 'THAT' post and add your name in! *wink*)

Tammy said...

Thank you once again for the wonderful award!

Daddy said...

Thanks for the award. Will grab it and update my blog.