Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An ambitious idea...!!

(Picture courtesy of High5 Breadtown)

Hi mommy bloggers / daddy bloggers out there.

I have a crazee but not impossible idea here. Thought of organising a little tour to the High 5 Bread Town in Shah Alam.

Anyone for it? Though I won 2 tickets , I still gotta pay for the rest of my family members of 6 who will be going in, too. Yet to collect the tickets.
For those interested , there is a family package for two (2) adult and two (2) children at only RM 48. Normal rates will be charged for additional people.

Have contacted the gal in charge of the winning prizes, she'll send the winning tickets by post to me. Havent decided on the date to go but definitely need to call or do online's their Breadtown policy. You can go here to read more.

Oooh that would be fun meeting bloggers & their kids whom we have heard so much on the blog but not seen what some Bento lovers have done, hoh??

Give me your feedback if you are interested...mayb during the school holiday or sometime early next year (depends on the expiry date of my tickets, too!!)


Anonymous said...

hi there Irene, Just reading ur blog, so wonderful, i am amaze at your effort you put in ur blog. and the pictures are delightful. keep it!! luv.. siew wai

Anonymous said...

look fun..too bad I'm in SG..

GarGies said...

Yeah, it'll be fun! Count me in. But hope the dates not clashing with my dec plans tho.

jazzmint said...

when u planning to go? My oni worry is their lil fingers get stuck in between those bread machines :|

Jacss said...

let me know d chosen date...maybe we can have another yum cha session even if we can't make it to d tour???
congrats for winning...again!!