Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun with Wall Stickers

During my recent school holidays Penang Trip, I stumbled upon these very nice artistic wall stickers which come in many designs but in 2 packaging. One smaller & 1 bigger ones.There are many different series of them, for various places like living room, kitchen, kids room, bathroom and many more....

Here are some designs which I bought & started my school holiday project at home with them:

1) The living room: Welcome Puppy!

2) Teatime Theme for the kitchen

3) Doggies for the wooden back door

4) Romantic hearts & bubbles for the bedroom

5) Teabreak design for cupboards

Dnt u think these are great ideas to add zest to our old walls & dull spots at home?
I'm addicted to them & will definitely get more!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


May God Bless You & May U B Healthy , Happy & Wise Alwiz!!
We all love you!

Look at this lovely cupcakes which Auntie Demi made for you as bday gift!

(This is how our princess look when she woke up this morning & saw her surprise on the table!!)