Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Playlist in my blog..

Happen to browse through CreativeBBee's blog after I heard some of my favourite songs of the 80's playing in her blog. So decided to check out where they come from.

So i also gatai gatai go and select some of my 80 era punya songs and as you can listen to them now. to name some of my favourites are from Teresa Teng, Air Supply, Chicago, Shania Twain, disappointed that I couldnt find my Thai Bird McIntyre's soundtracks in playlist.


Do you like my selections? I'm sure people of my era would but for those younger generations..just bear with this old auntie OK.


Angeline said...

Aiyo! *Hi-5* We are in the same Clan!!! even though Teresa was my mom's generation but I'm a oldies person.. *laugh* and AIR SUPPLY!!! Ahhhhh.... you make me scream!

Bengbeng said...

how to find the songs? i see no link except creative bee

Something About Us said...

oh my! I love your song!! Moon represent my heart !!

I'm melting...

PS: I am also an oldies lover but more on the english song :)

- Ling

Creative B Bee said...

Wow! Irene you look 'published' me leh! Yah i love 80's song. actually i need to put more but that day i hv limited time to search and lots of song i want but I can't get. Wow Teresa Teng ha ha looks like you OLDER than me leh!!! ha ha ha