Wednesday, October 8, 2008

High Five Bread we come!

Today mommy received a letter from Silver Bird company congratulating her for winning the consolation prize of 2 tickets (2 packs) for a visit to High 5 Bread Town. situated in Shah Alam. Mom took part in the recent Disney Double Creme Roll "Count Your Way to a Magical Holiday contest but missed the good prizes like 1st prize Hong Kong Disneyland , 2nd White gold mickey pendant and 3rd Pewter "Winnie the pooh" 4R photo frame.

Not familiar with Shah Alam, mommy rang up the girl in charge of the prize distribution but she was on leave. Mom would like the tickets to be mailed to her instead of going down to Shah Alam to claim which will cost more than the tickets alone.

Will call again tomorrow to see how the prize can be delivered & also find out logistics to go there. The rates for adult tickets & kids ticket vary depending on the packages.

The kids are very excited to visit this bread museum which Malaysia Book of Records certified as the “First Bread Museum” in Malaysia.

Has anyone been there before? Any reviews?


Alicia said...

woh woh woh another winning!! how nice

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...congrats!! you are always so lucky :D have a fun trip.