Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun Learning Saturday Morning , Sexy Saturday Nite.

Saturday 1st Nov 2008

Our morning breakfast...simple but filling.

Egg Tart n Hup Tou Sou with VICO cereal for all.

After breakfast, we went to TENBY international school open day. The theme was "heart for heritage". We enjoyed to see the vintage cars & bikes, had fun watching how Pan mi was made from flour, "How to make bracelet from corn", Basket weaving, Henna tatooing, Slide shows on Figurines from vegetables, etc.
We missed the pony ride as it was too hot n too late by the time we arrive at the pony ride station.

Saturday lunch: we had Banana Leave Fried Kueh Tiao, Chee cheong Fun & Rojak (mom lazy to cook)

Then we went home and watched Mama Mia CD for the 5th time. Very nice hilarious, romantic n witty show.Love the music & songs n the story.

The girls trying to imitate the stars in the show.

Saturday Nite: Post Deepavali Treat from Host Indian Rotarians of Rotary club of Ipoh South (KRIS)

Juliana won the 1st prize for Best dressed for children's category while mommy won the 2nd prize in the Best dressed Adult category (she modified our clothings and added scarf & accessories like Putu to make us look like dressed up in SAREE or Bollywood attire instead of wasting money to buy ). truly fun and happy to win 2 hampers.

Little Jasmine rejoicing and dancing to the beat of Indian dance songs..though she didn't win anything coz mommy assured her that we could all share the hamper.


Creative B Bee said...


Bengbeng said...

girls imitate the stars? i thought they r better than the stars :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

Steady lah! Congratulation ya!!! :D

Jacss said...

congrats on d u surely will dressed for d occasion type heh!! so nice to hv girls to 'decorate' hor!!
btw, d mamamia really that nice ahh, can watch for d 5th god!! what a fruitful weekend that was!!

wen said...

congratulations! always winning something!

renet13 said...

CS, Beng & Wen,
Thks..just being spoting to join the fun of "Indian costume" theme for that nite. Didnt expect to win anything!

huisia said...

wow, 2 hampers!!! Congrats..hehe..mommy always so creative!

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! I have pass 2 awards to you pls check at my site.

Bengbeng said...

u r jus naturally creative :) thats why they won

Tammy said...

Congratulations! Great costumes!

renet13 said...

Huisia..thks.when u are in empty pocket syndrome..must be creative to save cost lor!

Jacs..glad to hear frm u. Wow looks like somebody had a great time in OH Moon(Macau) huh?
As for MAMA Mia..very entertaining lah..romantic fiction for a romantic freak like me! C 4 ur self!Let me knw whetehr u agree with me.

Tammy..thks . Hope things are well & fixed up real soon for you. Take care.

Beng Beng is flattering me again..thks for your compliments. BTW looks like u did enjoy your holiday trip huh? Why no picture of you one? How's Beng Hui & Mrs. BB?
Take care.

Mummy Moon said...

Wah, congratulations.. How greats !