Monday, October 6, 2008

Time flies..Saturday passed by again...

Morning we had the many MiKU which was left over with peanut butter jam.

Lunch time mom & dad took us to the old time Scotch coffee house for set lunch. We had Chicken Maryland set, chicken chop & lamb chop.

Then we went home to watch CD - Iron Man while mom did her house chores.

After that daddy sent us for Taekwando lessons & took mom & sisters to Jusco.

At Jusco mom & dad had a fun-filled time trying out basket weaving.

Every shopper will have a chance to learn this craft work with any purchase of any amount from Kinta City tenant. So daddy bought the gals 2 McDonald ice-cream & mommy & daddy had each a chance learn this skill from a Pak cik who demo to them how to weave.

Mom & dad was taught how to weave a coster.Here's how;

This were the finished products.

Dad's creation Mom's creation
Whose do u think is nicer?

Mommy also volunteered to take part in a Flower arrangement contest using Raya Green Pau packets. She totally had no idea what she was doing. She participated because kesian the DJ for having a hard time trying to find 3 more participants to take part.
Here's her creation among so many other terror contestants.

(the final creations being taken to the judging room)
This is the 1st prize winner.

Mommy didnt win the big prizes but got herself the participant prize..a bag of Jusco orange Cordial drink & Jusco butter cookies and mineral water.

Emmm at least somethinglah and not go back empty handed!

Dinner...we had mi Sedaap again. We can never get bored of it. This time we had Mi Sedaap soup with 'Pati ayam sebenar' . With 6 wrappers, mom could submit another 2 entries for the mi sedaap contest.


Tammy said...

That looks like a fun weekend. I think both baskets are nice. :o)

Angeline said...

mommy's creation looks tighter...or maybe its the flash doing the trick *wink*