Monday, December 29, 2008

Visit to High5 Breadtwn..finally came true!

Refering to my earlier post on this, the day finally came...28Dec 2008.

Managed to gather 6 families: 3 were my ex classmates & schoolmates SP & TSY & Beatrice and 1 was my blogger fren Jac with twins, too. The other family was Jac's collegue.Of course not forgetting my own family of 6 members.

For those of you who have not been there, here's a little brief intro about it:

About High5 Bread Town

High 5 Bread Town, the first of its kind in the world was officially opened by The Honourable Minister Of International Trade & Industry on 25th May 2005. The brainchild of Silver Bird Group Managing Director Dato Jackson Tan, High 5 Bread Town is a truly unique attraction of its class. High 5 Bread Town is the architectural masterpiece showcase of the RM100 mil state-of-the-art plant of Silver Bird Group factory located on 6.07ha plant in Shah Alam. High 5 Bread Town was certified in the Malaysia Book of Records as the “First Bread Museum” in Malaysia.

With an enormous floor size, High 5 Bread Town is an attraction which caters to visitors of all ages, promising a time of fun, excitement and learning for the whole family. Being one of the latest tourist attraction in Malaysia which embrace and incorporate only the best museum state of the art technology system, High 5 Bread Town offer our guest a touted as the "a walkthrough on the history of bread" with emphasis on bread development timeline, it is definitely a "must see" to experience it!

The factory is huge & really eye-opening though the kids felt a bit bored with the power point show. Later they had great fun running about & enjoying each others' boisterous company.

My family enjoyed not only the tour but the companionship of the new friends & old friends whom we met that day. That was the first time I met Jac, one great blogger who also had twins Scott & Sean Heng. My twins enjoyed their companionship. Not forgetting Sara..the only princess of SP and hubby who were kind enough to host us with their warm hospitality at their warm & cozy home. My kids cant stop mentioning about Sara even after they got home. As for SY and her lovely kids, we do hope we could meet up again for another local family vacation next year.

Real pleasure meeting up with you people. Thks for the wonderful time.

Here's a little souvenir from me for remembrance to all of you who were there:

The tourguide told us that in one day this factory can produce 30,000 cream rolls for ditribution nationwide & ship out within 4 hours.

After the tour, SP, TSY and my family went to PJ to have yong tau fu.

Gosh we drove back to Ipoh after that. It was a really relax drive though it was a wet day, raining almost towards the late evening & night.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A backdated event on Winter Solstice Celebration (Koh tung)

I've been hearing this saying "Koh Tung is even more important to most Chinese compared to Chinese New Year which is only a symbolic new year". I'm sure most of you know the significance of Koh tung and I shall not elborate here.

Just cant resist putting up this post as it was a memorable occasion not just Koh Tung (Winter solstice celebration) but also my sister's eve of her marriage (chut moon).

We had many guests coming over to my mom's house for the wedding eve night (eating "chow fun" (fried noodles) night). Mom catered food with several dishes, desserts & drinks.

All her grandchildren gathered to help her make Thong yuen(the glutinous rice ball in syrup). This is the most joyous "Koh tung" we ever had with multicoloured Thong Yuen as you can see in these pics.

OOps forgot to take pics of the cooked thong yuen.

Anyway Happy Belated Winter Solstice Celebration to all of you!

21 Dec wedding anniversary & my sis' wedding dinner!

The best wedding anniversary gift for us is my youngest sister's wedding falling on the same day too.

No presents , gifts or flowers frm my hubby like some of you lucky women out there but it's oK.

we were too busy to celebrate anyway coz my sis had her bride & groom's dinner one day after another on 21 & 22 December 2008.

Here's the slideshow I've compiled & dedicate to her & our new comer to our brother in law Brandon.

wishing both of them a happy Marriage & Everlasting & eternal love! Cheers penny & Brandon!

p.s Many guests commented that we both look very much alike ..what do you think?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Great Reunion with old class/schoolmates after 20 years

Attended my ex schoolmates(of my year) reunion at Wild Rice Cafe, Boulavard Hotel, PJ yesterday.
Shared a taxi with 3 other schoolmates frm Ipoh. Throughout the drive we had a good time with our own mini conferences in the taxi with stories about childbirth, breastfeeding, kids' schooling, family updates, gossips about other schoolmates, etc etc..

When we arrived at the actual venue, you can imagine the level of excitement, screams, laughter, smiles (I almost have lock jaw effect of smiling & laughing too much posing for least 20 cameras).

Gosh the whole Wild Rice Cafe turned into Wild Life Jungle of Main Convent 88 Girls (or rather Tarzan's Janes).

If only the ever famous Amy Mastura (also one of our ex classmates who turned famous actress/singer)were there.!! Lucky she wasnt no paparazzi (LOL!)

All in all it was great reunion. Many have not changed in looks. Even if they have, they have bloomed into beautiful ladies, mothers, wives, etc.

Thks & thumbs up to SY & Michelle for your great effort & the guts to take the challenge to reunite these bunch of wild gals!!!

Let's meet again in 10 yrs time..better still make it in 5 years.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry & happy Christmas to all!

Dear fellow bloggers & friends, I'm indeed very touch by the countless comments on remedies & well wishes during my predicament for my children's & my own dengue ailments. I am indeed still not fully recuperated from my unwell condition. Still having some residual fever, gidiness & flu like spells. I apologise for the long absence in updating my blog. Nevertheless, I'll be down in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow for a reunion gathering with ex-schoolmates after 1 decade. Will be sharing a taxi with 3 other ex schoolmates(none of us familiar to drive). The excitement will definitely boost my immunity to be better & recover faster. Till my next updates, here's wishing all of you a great weekend & Merry Happy Christmas & a Joyful New Year! I hereby dedicate this video clip of my 4 lovely darlings's Christmas greetings to all of you nice people out there.
Pls pause the playlist at the bottom of my blog before you play the video. TQ

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm back home with the girls

Dear all,

My girls are ok but a bit lethrgic by the evening. They were allowed to dischrge today. Though my platelets today were lower than when I was admitted, I asked doctor to allow me to go home so that I could care for my girls.

Thks for all your well wishes & remedies for dengue.
Yes I just had the froggie soup doubleboil with the bitter gourd. I enjoy the taste as I love bittergourds & froggies (Tin Kai). But the papaya leave juice i never tried...didnt sound as proven as the earlier remedy.

Well we will knw how effective it is when i do my blood count again tomorrw at the clinic. If my platelets rise..then the froggies must be jumping to push them up. Ha Ha.

Apart frm tired & sometimes giddy..I'm fine.

Thks for all your concern & care. I'm deeply touched.

On a positive note, I could enjoy more time with my girls & take break frm hectic & busy schedule forcing myself to lie still in hospital bed.

My twins are starting to have fever , too. Hope they wont get worse and end up with dengue, too. I hate to write a post on that.

Hope all these ailments & bad spell ends & start with a brand new & better year in 2009.

Cheers to a Merry Xmas & happy 2009 to all of you.

some pictures to share while at the hospital:

Great appetite even when it's just plain porridge with kicap (after 3 days of drip only).
They girls asked "Dr, why you order porridge without kicap for us? So tasteless!

The expressions of the girls when they learnt that they could go home

Nurse taking out drip for the girls

Had their last fun at the play room before discharge.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

blog break- mommy oso admitted

dear readers, i am oso admtd 4 dengue in d same room as my daughters. My girls are better nw but my platelets are dropping. Wil keep u al postd when i can. Blogging frm my 3G phn. Take care.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My princesses admitted for dengue

My initial plan was to get them admitted for dehydration . The results turned out to be DENGUE. They both admitted since Sunday noon.

The ko kos babysitting them while mommy went back

Mummy sandwiched in between them at night (2 beds put together)

Jasmine XRay- her ileus (intestine was blocked & paralysed as a result of the vomitting)

Both girls wheeled into the ward from ER

I managed to take time off from the hospital (I slept there with them 2 nights) to write this post courtesy of their twin brothers who are babysitting them in the hospital now.

Gotta go back soon.

Thks for all your well wishes. Pls pray for their fast recovery. TQ.

Friday, December 5, 2008

No mood to blog after all the sick dilemmas!

Aiyoh one after another episode of ailments. Very exhausting & stressful!
no mood to cook, no mood to blog!

My dad is back home now after the pacemaker insertion. Was advised not to elevate his shoulder & cannot drive for 2 months. The anaemia status still nt confirmed.

All my kids are OK now except my little Jasmine who vomitted 9+3 times since yesterday. I'm trying hard to ensure she doesnt dehydrate. Unfortunately what goes in comes out either thru her mouth or through her bottom.

Doctor said she has lots of wind in the stomache & probably also a viral attack.

Any good remedy to share?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 dwn to 2 only ..Thks God!

All my kids are quite OK now..except Dennis the 2nd twin (Praise God) who is still having high fever. Started him on antibiotics. Also boiled some "Ling yong Sai kok" something I enquired frm the Chinese Medicated shop which I had to boil with slow fire to get 1 cup of water for him to drink. Like Daniel, he too complained of sorethroat & his lips are really red. The "chinese" drink supposed to be very cooling to bring dwn the temperature. Unfortunately, I need to force him to drink coz they taste is rather blunt.

As for dad, Dr. needs to rule out the cause of his anaemia(lack of blood) coz he looks very pale although no physical signs of bleeding (gastric or constipation or haemorrhoids). He had 3 pcks blood transfusion already since his admission on saturday evening. Just waiting to see the blood test result again to decide further. He will be undergoing a scope to see any internal bleeding in the stomache. If nothing significant, his bone marrow will be investigated.

As for his heart condition, Dr. said he has signs of Heart Failure..his heart is enlarged, there was fluid in his lungs which caused his breathlessness and the good valve also showin signs of leakage (which He said can be managed with medication without operation). Dad has to reduce his water intake. Jasmine missed her Ah Kong and called him to ask about his condition last night. She apologised to Ah kong for not able to visit him during dinner coz Dennis kor kor not feeling well and mommy has to cook dinner for all. Ah Kong told her he is feeling much better now.

This is what mommy cook for dinner:

Stir fried Garlic with Green Spinach

Old cucumber Soup with Red Dates & Black Chicken

Black Chicken & Potato in Oyster Sauce

Dennis just had bread with the old cucumber soup for dinner.

Dessert- Black seedless grapes.

Just got news that a good friend's mom just had a stroke and admitted to the same hospital as my dad. Pray and wish her well soon.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a sicko Saturday & Sunday!!!!

Lately I've been hearing many people not feeling well but it also happen to my own family.

My 4 kids taking turn to get sick. First my 4 yr old Juliana started having cough and fever. She is OK now.
Then my 3 yr old Jasmine who had a relapse of fever despite completing her antibiotics. Then Daniel who complained of sorethroat also dwn with fever over the past few days. The antibiotics didnt seem to wrk..most likely it's viral attack. Then last night Dennis complained of headache & the temperature went up till this morning. Still nursing 3 out of 4 kids who are still having fever like yoyo.

Worse is when my beloved dad also complained that he was feeling breathless & thought his time is up. Darn!
My dad is a heart patient who had his mitral valve(heart valve)repaired more than 10 years ago. Echogram showed his good valve now also showing some signs of leakage despite the repaired one being OK. Dr. said his pulse rate is contantly low and may need a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat in future . He looked very pale & doctor confirmed he is low with potasium in his blood and lack of blood and may need a blood transfusion. Currently he is admitted in Pantai Putri Medical Centre. He still gets breathless whenevr he exerts. Took all my kids to vist their Ah Kong. My little Jasmine even offered to stay overnight to be with his Ah Kong to look after him. They all said "Ah Kong take care & rest....get well soon!". Will buy you your favourite Canning Grdn chee cheong fun for breakfast tomorrow (Sunday) before we left last night after ak kong took his dinner.

I pray and hope all these sicko spell will go away real soon. Wishing my beloved dad & my kids a fast recovery coz my youngest sister's wedding is coming soon on my wedding anniversary on 21 Dec 2008.

Hope all of you have a great weekend. Take care of your love ones and enjoy every moment with them coz they are precious!

For those who are recuperating & get well soon!

Gotto go and buy chee cheong fun for dad & take mom to hospital now. Might not have time to blog.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shopping Sunday

Sunday 23Nov 2008

Morning Breakfast

Daniel & Dennis went for Taekwando after breakfast with mommy , daddy & sisters.
We all had a variety of food at a local coffeeshop. Mommy had Prawn Wan Ton Kwan Low Mee, Daddy & Dennis had nasi lemak while the girls, Daniel & 8 yr old cousin Yi Wern (the motivator for my kids to do housechores)had roti canai.

The Indian lady (or ex man) sells very good crispy VADEI, too besides delicious yummy nasi lemak & roti canai at the Ipoh Grden corner coffee shop next to the Shell petrol station.She used to be a HE but after a minor opt He became a she.

While the boys were at Taekwando, neighbour Auntie I offered to babysit the girls & showed them her newborn puppies(5 of them).

So mommy took the opportunity to do gardening, tidy up the lawn & the fish pond while daddy iron the clothes.

Afternoon lunch

We had lunch at one of the cofeeshop under a tree..the shop is named YUM YUM tree Coffee Shop at PasirPinji. The food was great. This was the same place we had lunch yesterday when the boys were at tuition. This time we noticed a Sago Ice stall outside the shop just below the tree. No idea why so many customers queing to but mommy also joined the crowd to order 1 bowl jst to try out.

Emmm looks tempting but mommy didnt find the taste any special..just basically starch in syrup!!

After lunch we proceed to TESCO to buy groceries & dinner stuff for mom to cook.

Here's what we have for dinner:

1) Baked beans with fried egg & cheese,

2)) Nescafe Chicken

3) Vegetarian drumstick

4) Tomato, Potato & Anchovies Soup

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Saturday 22 Nov 2008

The kids had mom's American Breakfast for breakfast (coctail sausages, wedges, fried egg & bread).

Then they went to change clothes. Guess what? I was surprised that they all came out with their own fashion idea of "all wearing blue Stripes today. For the fun of it mommy joined them but daddy didnt coz he didnt have a blue stripe shirt. He instead commented "U all look like prisoners in jail" So bad hoh?

The kids even made diffrent expressions for mommy's camera:

Happy & laughing mood




"Children, you all can really cheer mommy up when all of u are in good mood ..not on the days when u all take turn throwing tantrums & driving me up the dinding(wall)!"

The boys were at tuition, so mommy 'Ta Pau' (take away) their favourite Chicken Rice and added some green vege for them. Daddy had Mee Jawa, mommy had "kai si Hor Fun (Chicken Kueh tiaw)while the girls had chee cheong fun.

Mommy & daddy dropped the kids at God Granny's house while they two "pak toh" (dating). We had a good time playing with computer games.

They went to Ipoh Parade where there is currently a Thai Fair till end of December 08.
First they went for a 1.5 hour Thai massage side by side in a room (so that mommy can monitor daddy (Ha Ha!). The massage centre in at Ipoh Parade Parkson Grand building.
The massage session started with a feet soaking in salt like this:

Then the massage........ photos pf course..private mah!

After massage, mommy & daddy went to eat the Thai "lemak Laksa" & the mango Pulut(glutinous rice). (Sorry no close up photo so that your saliva wont drool)

Then they did a bit of Thai shopping.

Mommy bought a handmade necklace (RM15 after bargain) from this Thai uncle who handmade all his accessories sold in his stall here:

Pretty arent they?

Then they went to Sushi King to have their 2nd round of dinner. Since it was Salmon Fair..they also tried the Garlic Salmon Fried Rice. Mom thinks it was very plain & tasteless until she added wasabi & the sweet soy sauce.

After dinner & the good time both of them have , they picked us up and we went home for "Family Time". We had the Thai snacks that mommy & daddy bought from the Thai Fair & we watched NARNIA..Prince Caspian.

What a wonderful Saturday we all had.