Monday, September 29, 2008

My little girls love to sing

...and they can do a Medley believe it or not.

I quickly grab my digital camera to record a video of Juliana who was soo in the mood to sing after dinner one day. she used her Kor Kor's torch light as the mic. Ju has been bugging us to take her to Karaoke at our club but we just didnt have the time. So when she requested again that day, daddy asked her to just sing for us to hear...she just went on like a song bird not only singing one number but a Medley.
Click to play Ju & Min's Songs Medley
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Could you make up what songs she is singing?

The first one is the Superman theme song that goes..I cant stand to fly..I'm not that naive..

What do u think of her singing & her back up singer Jasmine??

Juliana & Jasmine's nursery concert is coming soon

...sometime in October after Raya.

Everyday they come back frm nursery, they will sure practise between themselves. I'm very thrilled especially with Jasmine who is a year younger than her cheh cheh n yet doesn't seem to be shy or afraid to move. They really can shake & twist & I hope they do not have stage fright on the real day.

Take a look at their rehersal at home;
Click to play Dancing & Singing Gals
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I know I shouldnt compare but honestly, Who is better Juliana (4yr old) or Jasmine (3 Year old)?

Besides, the girls really love singing & dance movement. Jasmine loves to shake her bum bum...but really cute!

Our FunFilled Sunday!

Yesterday, mom n dad joint effort to make us BURGERS for breakfast.

Daniel kor kor took our orders.

Jasmine wanted Beef Cheese,

Juliana wanted Chicken Egg Burger,

Dennis and cousin Yi Wern wanted Beef Cheese & Daniel wanted Beef Egg Burger.

Then for LUNCH, mommy's friend Auntie Su Rine invited us to her house for our favourite Wan ton Mee. She personally cook wan ton mee and made "sui kow" and " wan Ton" for us. Daddy didnt want to tag along coz he need to iron clothes for us. Later we "ta Pau' (take away) for him.

While at auntie Su Rine's house, mom took many pictures of her master pieces of art painting & put them in slide show here:
Click to play
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You would surely agree that she is a very talented artist who can paint on any surface! From high stool to low stool, utility boxes, to kitchen cupboard, key box, door stopper, pots and pans, etc. WOW mom is very thrilled. auntie Su Rine admitted that it's a very expensive and time consuming hobby.

Before we left, she also gave us the ""ANG MI KU" the red tortoise pau (now it's everywhere since the "Kau wong Yeh Tan' is around the corner..where some Chinese fast from meat & go Vegetarian for 9 days!)
egg tart and mini sausage buns to take home.

We also had a little fun at her beautiful garden before going home.

THK YOU AUNTIE SU RINE..we'll sure to be back!

Then we went home.


Mommy cook these 3 simple dishes for dinner :

Curry chicken with Banana & potatos, Stir Fry cabbage ,Winter Melon Tomato Soup

Dennis showing his face because he complained that mommy's curry is too spicy. (Despite that , he wallup everything after that)

Then we had Mat Kool rainbow ice-cream with whipped cream & decorated with colourful truffles & chocolate rice, top with red cherry!

That's our FUN Filled Sunday!

Happy Raya Holidays to everyone out there. Travel safely & have a fabulous time!

our kids love to sing in daddy's car.

The boys & girls love their own daddy's car Karaoke coz daddy's car got the CD changer that can play 11 discs..

This video was taken when we were on our way to TESCO one weekend . They were singing "As I walk along I wonder....why why why I wonder...why...she ranway and I wonder if she would stay little runanway..not sure of the song title , though.

Anyone can help here?

Cool Saturday... ,

So what did we do last weekend?


Mom made breakfast for us. Check out the teddy bear pan she bought to make the bear shape fry egg..emm mom thinks it didnt turn out that well.
and oso the star shaped pan

Everyone has Mommy's breakfast combo:
1)homecook mushroom soup (with mix french beans, potato, carrot & tomatos chopped very fine to force us to eat vege)
2)potato bread (product of TESCO)
3) Fried bear shaped egg (for kiddies) and fried STAR shaped egg for daddy.


Mom prepared our favourite MI SEDAAP. BTW there's a contest going very appropriate that mom can use the wrapper as proof of purchase.

Mom added her own made LOBAK or rather LO-Fish made from fish paste & some choped french beans, carrot n fu chook
Mom also made mushroom tempura to add to the mI SEDAAP and Lo-fish

Simple and yummy...we finished everything on the plate.

That Saturday evening daddy took us to the drive through Funny Mountain the Ipoh Famous Tau Ching (soya bean) & taufu fah(beancurd dessert) for tea time.

then that evening we went to Giant. Our great buddy cousin sister Yi Wern tagged along. we had fun at the bicycle section & ride around that area

wonder why Jasmine is not seen in the picture? She was sleeping in the trolley ZZZZZZZZZ! (mom didnt take her pic) mom didnt buy us any bike though we've outgrown ours.. SOB SOB

Mommy on cooking strike...daddy took us to a shop to eat FRIED WAT TAN HOR & Tom Yam fried rice while mom had "Chiken kueh teow (KAi Si Hor Fun).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Balloon Twisting with Uncle Sam

Just to share with u bloggers and mothers who are intersted to learn a new skill n hobby ..Twisting Balloon to make animals & other designs.

Discover The Astonishing, Step-By-Step Secrets Of How You Can Easily Make And Twist 46 Balloon Animals and Others Beautiful Balloon Designs With Fun And Techniques here.

Dollhouse Frock GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

If you are like me a contest freak and have kids about 2 to 4 yrs old..I'm pretty sure you'll be eyeing for this pretty giveaway, too:

Dollhouse Frock GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

My 2 little princesses age 3 & 4 would surely be the luckiest if they win this & share this outfit. They never had a black N white outfit. Winning this would be fabulous & awsome! Thks Kathleen's never ending creativity once again!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Raya Mood, Raya Food & Fashion at our home..

Today mommy went shopping for some milk powder in Giant after government gave clearance on Dutch Lady products.

While shopping, mom decided to cook ketupat and satay sauce for dinner tonight since the Raya Festive mood is in the air.

She bought a packet of and some ready weaved ketupat cases .

After getting some quick tips from a Makcik (who happen to be shopping, too) on how to prepare the Kuah kacang (or Satay sauce), mom made her own satay sauce to go with the mini ketupats. Quite simple actually to prepare. You just need to fry some shallots(red onions)in oil

, throw in some crushed serai(lemon grass) and "tumis" with cili BOH (red grinded chilly paste), add a bit of tumeric powder,sugar, tamarind juice & salt and most important ingredient of all ...pounded toasted groundnut.

Just let it boil till a layer of oil is formed.

Mom filled up the ketupat casing with the ketupat rice (half filled only as it will expand further once cooked). She also used the ready packed instant mini rice pack in plastic which could withstand high temperature.

Just boil the ketupat casings or plastic ones for about 45 minutes until they are expanded & cooked.

Then let it cool and cut the plastic ones into cubes and fish out the leavy ketupat.
Put the the ketupat & sauce on a plate & served with cut cucumber & raw big onions.


Besides food, mom also bought each of us a pair of Baju Melayu (for the twins) and Baju kurung for the girls. Guess the price???
The baju Melayu was bought at RM9.90 per suit only while the Baju kurung was only RM3per suit. Darn cheap! God is really kind to us ..when mommy need to live with tight budget, He will show her the way! BTW the original price for the suits was RM39.90. Now offer because last stock!

The kids really like their new raya outfit & enjoy being mom's models especially the ever vain Juliana who insisted mom take a picture of her alone..

Here's wishing all mommy's blogger frens, Muslim frens (especially auntie Diyanah Teh Abdullah) and Fellow Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holidays.

Stay tune on more fun cooking ...making muffins & cake with mom's new toy..the teddybear cake mould....and making fried egg n half boil eggs with cute love shape mould & star shape pan.

Shaping more sophisticated animal model balloons

From my previous post on making animal figurines from balloons the slide showed the shapes which I could make.

However there are some more sophisticated figures which I hope to master , too. Here they are:
Giant Flower
Lion King