Monday, October 27, 2008

Special Sunday...Cousin Ryan's birthday!

Sunday 26 October 2008
Breakfast : Tuna Sandwic Treat & mushroom soup
(mommy's idea to make us eat vegetables stuff inside the sandwiches: butterhead, tomatos & Japanese cucumber) It was healthy & yummy! The pics speaks it all:

Lunch we again had the left over bread & burito but this time with coleslaw:

Mommy & daddy took sisters out for "Lok Lok" near the famous corner road side stall at Ipoh Garden South (near Jalan S.A Lingam)
Ju & Min loved the sweet pork, sweet prawn & fishball. They sat there on the chairs while mom & dad squeezed their way through to dip & boil the sticks of our favourites for us.:


our dinner

Sunday morning 26October 2008

After dinner,we went over to Ah Kong's house to celebrate Ryan's birthday.

Th kids had a great time..eating the cake & supper, and playing with mahjong.

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