Sunday, August 31, 2008

The SLEEP factor

Unlike only singleton, having to put two babies to sleep at the same time is surely a very difficult task. For twin or multiple parents, I am sure most parents here have experience the same problem that is, when one of their twin cries, the other one wakes up too.

My 1st maid and I used to put one twin on long sitting(mommy sitting with both legs stretch out straight, put one twin on the leg near the ankles and cuddle the other twin in the arms..all at the same time.

What about their sleeping positions?

My twins love to sleep facing each other when they were babies. Surprisingly, now 9 years old, the 1st twin would hop over to his brother's bed and cling together with him in the middle of the night. Funny eh?

As for my girls (singletone), both love to sleep by exposing their tummy. When I ask them why? They say "Veli hotlah mommy". I wake up a few times at night to cover them with blanket but they will refuse and struggle, pulling the blanket away.

Do you have similar problem or more unique sleep stories to share about your kids.

sleep need to elaborate's either your spouse SNORE or not, right?

Twin's & Multiple birthday celebrations

Do you find it easy to have twin birthday celebrations together at the same time compared to mothers with singletons?

How many cakes do you have for them. One to share or one each?

Physiomom was lucky the 1st time her twins had their birthday party, both cakes were sponsored! Later as a fair mommy , she always buy 2 cakes for each twin until they were 7 years old.

After 7 years old till now ..only one cake for sharing.

What about you? Share with us your twin birthday celebration. What about you mothers who have tripplets and more? Would be interesting to hear from you, too!

Also check out this website on twins & it's a new blog we need contributions from you. TQ

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breastfeeding Positions

To me , breastfeeding my twin boys since birth till they are 2 years old WITHOUT FORMULA is my biggest motherhood achievement for them. Not easy but not impossible either with strong determination and skill to put stress at bay.

It's a pity that during that time (9 years ago) I haven't got a digital camera yet. So I have to re-take these old photos using my camera phone thus the image is definitely not so sharp.

Here's my most memorable moment with them:
Using the American football position (Head to head, both legs out)

At times, i use my own "Half american Football" position where one of the twin's leg is facing inward instead of both twins head to head:

Sometimes when one is sleeping while another wants feed, I feed one at a time:

What is your most memorable breastfeeding moment and favourite position to latch them on?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mari! Mari! Mari Promosi Penyapu! (Come! Come !Come! Broom Promotion!

Today I went to the Simee market with my mom looking and shopping for a good broom. The one I was using was broken by hubby! Don't ask me how ah!

Anyway here is the broom review:

The next time you are looking for a broom or think of changing the useless one (always dropping out), try this one:

It's 918..yah make sure you buy this genuine brand 918. What's so good about it:

1) Very hardy and lasting ....Will last you for years (at least a year).

2) Has the end that can trap dust and hair by grouping them with rough end bristles . The trapped dust and hair can be easily pull out with bare hands or just simple rub it against grass surface.

Really IDEAL for sweeping your carpet. No need to vaccum so marfan! my house got 3 carpet. All sweep clean just with this fantastic broom.

3) The price?? Of course more expensive than the RM2 ringgit shop or TESCO promotion
I saw a few places selling for different prices which range from RM5 -RM8 .
I got it for RM5 only.

4) Comes in various colours...grey(silver), golden yellow, red, green, etc.
I chose red.."ong" (good luck)!

So what are you waiting for..go grab your 918 broom now.

BTW I dont know the manufacturer, neither am I earning revenue from this promotional post , OK.

blog renovation and beautifying..

thanks to creativebbee, I also had fun and changed my blog layout. Like it?

Go here:
Very easy!

It's the fashion now in blogsphere changing layout, scrapping, change header, etc.
Come join the hank of it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My digital gift for my beloved sis

If u read my previous blog on 20.08.08, ..that's the day my youngest sis got married to Brandon.

After much encouragement and also motivated by seing the great digital scrap pic by bloggers like creativebbee , liteng and Alicia I decided to sign up SMILEBOX and created my very first scrapbook digitally. I would be my new hobby.
Hope my sis like it.
What do you think?

Click to play A Smilebox for My Sis
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox scrapbook

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great and bzee weekend again...PART 2

After Jaya Jusco, daddy got a call from a golfer fren asking him to go golfing at The Clearwater Sanctuary Batu Gajah. Daddy wouldn't miss the chance. He asked mommy whether we wanted to follow of stay home. Guess what mommy say???

Of course YES lor.

Otherwise where got chance to have lunch at the poolside (we had mini burgers, mom had mee rebus and dad had fried kueh tiaw). We also enjoyed great fun at the KINGFISHER KIDS FUN CLUB. The pictures here say it all:

Got so many indoor games and accessories to play.

Giant indoor pirate ship & slide

Colourful Ball pool

Giant Lego set

Ladybird swing


play kitchen

computer games

Bed to sleep

No swimming though because all 4 of us got running nose and cough. There was also a mini fun fair outdoor. Aiyah mommy forgot to take pictures. Daniel & Dennis Kor Kor won 2 toys from playing the "rolling the ping pong" game. It's a bubble set and a ping pong set.

Reported by : Juliana Yeoh

great and bzee weekend again...PART1

Today is Sunday..the last day of school holiday. A busy weekend for mommy and daddy.

Early morning mommy oredi kacau(disturbed) and woke us up because kor kor got taekwando. Daniel (1st twin) helped Jasmine mei mei to dress up while Dennis (2nd twin) helped me (Juliana) to fashion up.

Look at the different style of dressing by both my kor kor.
One has got fashion taste like mommy:

While the other having plain fashion sense like daddy:

After sending twin kor kor Daniel & Dennis to taekwando, daddy and mommy took Jasmine meh meh & me (Juliana) to our favourite weekend shopping mall the Jaya Jusco.

So long didnt go Jaya Jusco because our past weekends were occupied with house cleaning and other errands. So today, mommy went to Sinma Jewellery to buy mei mei and I some clip and hair accessories. Then daddy stopped by the PADINI store. Mommy loved the brown wall background and asked us to stood by it to take pictures. But my mei mei refused. I love posing so I obliged mommy and started modelling for her camera...

Here's the Kecik Mayong Model to be...

How's my posing?Vain or got chance to be SUPERModer? (daddy no comments!!)

Dont miss out on my weekend story Part 2 after this. Stay tune.

Reporter (who may turn supermodel one day (AHem)) :
Juliana Yeoh

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Twins finally got their taekwondo badges!

Yesterday my twin boys came back from their Taekwondo class and excitedly exclaimed "Mommy mommy..please sew these badges onto our taekwondo baju (uniform).

They finally got the badge from their Master after successfully attending their lessons for about 2 months now.

At least they found something they like. Tried enrolling them for MUSIC (Bethoven??) when they were 3 yrs old but they both went and hid behind the piano. They aren't music inclined. Signed them up for ART class. Attended for 1 year but never see them doing a nice painting or crayon coloring the way the Art teacher taught them. However , they enjoy drawing cartoon strips and make comic story books.

Sigh! Sigh!
I don't mean to push them but trying to develope their Right brain.

Do yo have problems trying to indulge your kids in something? How's the outcome?

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Time in my life..making BREAD or is it rock bun??

This school holidays mommy very busy trying to keep up with us and yet wanted to keep us happy.

So she tried to make something which she has not ever done before...Making we love to eat bread. It's healthy.

Mommy bought the bread mix flour from Cold Storage that just need to add water. As simple as that!

Wanting to add more ingredients to the bread of her creation, mommy added raisins and sunflower seeds.

This is how the mini bread turned out to be.....

Looks yummy?? It was indeed crunchy outside and moderately soft inside. Italian flavour, too.

Mommy may be next time try the plain flavour one instead of the Italian flavour which tasted a bit weird..we are Malaysians mah!

For a first timer..not bad lah. At least can feed us for dinner already..tastes yummy to eat with VONO chicken and mushroom soup.

Cannot complain much or else next time eat ROCK only. He He.

I won not only 1 but 7 prizes so far.

Thanks to generous KoTEX contest, I've won not only 1 but 7weekly prizes since the contest started.

Last month's weekly prizes were DIGI prepaid reload coupon worth RM10. For this prize , i've won 4 entries.

This month's prizes are courtesy of SINMA jewellery. This week alone I 've received 3 registered mails which contained 3 different sets of Pin & brooches from SINMA. (yellow, blue floral & pink butterfly brooches and pin).

All you ladies who still use sanitary pads, why not try your luck..just submit the outer plastic bag of the KOTEX sanitary pad and you stand to win great prizes like me. The winner for the Grand prize of Air Asia E-Gift voucher worth RM2000 will be the one sending the most number of entries for each quarter year. Contest ends Dec 2008. Goodluck!

School holiday...took family to photo studio for family potrait


Daddy on leave also today. Mommy has earlier signed up for family photos at the OSCAR digital photo studio in Ipoh Garden south. Grandma & Grandpa also included.

We were at the studio half an hour earlier as the clouds were turning grey. We hope not to get caught in the rain.

The studio auntie make up for each of us (ladies and girls only) and also for our twin koko. Look at the transformation here.

Oscar studio was having their roadshow at TESCO Ipoh sometime in April. Imagine now only mommy got time to take us to the studio. The validity is 6 months from signing up. It is very cheap and reasonable price of RM88 only.

The package includes 20 studio shots and 5 free 4r and 1 10R photos to choose from the 20 pictures taken. Must admit it was a real challenge for the studio camera KoKo to take our kiddies pictures especially we two girls. We were moody in between the shooting coz we were hungry. Had late breakfast though.

Daddy wanted to wear his own clothes and be natural but the studio aunty said better to wear coat to match the whole package.

We were only allowed to take photos outside the dark photo session room (the make up and changing lobby). Once we were inside the shooting area, no cameras were allowed. 20 poses with 3 different background. The camera KoKO was sure very patient with us.

Mommy and daddy will come back to choose the photos in 2days time. Then mommy will try post the pictures here if she can re take from her camera.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

School holidays! Buzeee! Noisy! but Happy!

Hubby took two days off yesterday and today. We went to Prai to claim my winning vouchers of RM500 SSF vouchers for the AJAX Fabuloso contest. Guess what? I only managed to spend RM200. The closing date to utilise the vouchers is April 2009. Means got one more chance to go Prai again to finish the vouchers.

Can't seem to choose what i really need as most of the items sold in the shop are more for decoration, glassware and ornaments which are not so "kids' proof" for my house with these 4 hyperactive musketeers.

Just managed to but some vase, flowers, hanging kitchen ornaments and a wedding glassware for my sister as a wedding gift.
Will post the photo later.

Meanwhile during the journey to Prai, we passed by Taiping for FOOD..and also went to this place called Bagan Ajam, Prai where there is a shabby hut named AH CHOONG by the sea side. We had some fried noodles and seafood. Very cheap and nice. The wind was strong and refreshing. The view was great. As usual the kids loved it. Took my parents along. My dad enjoyed local vacation rather than going overseas as he has osteoarthritis (wear and tear) of his knee joints and has problem walking.
Yet another simple, economy and fun school holiday vacation. By the way, it was only a day trip as we wanted to save on accomodation (Remember..mommy still on unpay leave..need to jaga (care) for the pocket a bit!) sorry kids!

Here's the slide pics: