Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twins took taekwando green tip exam today !

I'm very happy to hear frm the twins' taekwando master that they are doing well in this martial art. I was told they could easily do the Back kick very well compared to many other kids as this stunt is not an easy one. As for the basic steps , they tend to do it wishy washyly as they find them a bit boring. That's the main problem with my twins. They are not low IQ but very playful, easily distracted & have no heart to do something which is monotonus though they are the essential basics. In school they are also playful & talkative instead of concentrating on lessons & finish their homework.
Almost all teachers give the same remark!

These are some of the shots i took while they were doing their Taekwando green tip test:

Boys, mommy know you are very creative & could excel but if only both of you would just put in a little effort to do more revision & concentrate on your studies...then I'm sure you both would perform much better in whatever you do.

Those of you who have school going kids or twins who are schooling, do you face the same problem of them being too playful & not concentrating in class? I really admire some of my friends'kids who are self driven to do their homework & diligently study on their own when exam comes...definitely not my twins!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sushi Saturday - Lunch @Sushi King

After the sports event, we went to Kinta City Jaya Jusco to lepak(wander around). Did quite a bit of shopping to grab some good sales. Mommy pampered herself & everyone with shoes & clothings.

Daniel & Dennis fooling around at the Gents dept while daddy shopping for his shirts
Then went to Sushi King..had to wait 15 minutes to be seated. The kids enjoyed self servicing with sushi on the conveyor belt..... all of us had a good treat with some of Sushi King's new varients in the menu.

> Dennis trying to lick the fish

The sushi Princess

As for dinner, we all hade the left over "Chang" (chinese dumpling). The actual Chang Festival was on 28th May 09.

Tomorrow will be my twins's taekwamdo 'green tip ' exam. Good luck boys!

Check out my post on their test tomorrow.

Sporty Saturday!

Firstly my apology for a long constipated blog again. Pst few weeks had been very busy week for me and tiring too having had so many home visits to make. But it's good coz that means more additional income doing locums. Most important I could reach out to those patients who are unable to get treatment in the hospital for one reason or another.

My body is aching..longing for a good massage but I just dont have the time. Every weekend is soooo precious to be spent with my beloved family.

Last Saturday (30May 09)

Today is my late daddy's birthday. How we wish we could celebrate his birthday but..he has left us last February with no sign of him in my dreams. We miss u a lot "Di". We had offered prayer for him on his Chinese birthdate which fell on "Chang" (dumpling)festival on 28May09.

Coincidently 30thMay 2009 is also my girls' Sports Day in Merryland Nursery/Kindergarten. I cancelled all my locum appointments to be there to witness my girls performing. It was quite disappointing to note that both my girls' mood were like the groomy weather that morning of their Sport's Day. They were clingy, grouchy & just not like normal days when they come home to express what they would be doing for the actual Sports Day.

Here are some shots taken ...

the sulky faces.

The simple & small scale occasion on a cloudy day. Luckily it didnt rain after the slight worrying drizzle!

Not many shots of the actual sport event coz I had to coax both the girls & run together with them due to their "low" mood. But their mood got better after the prize giving ceremony & towards the end of the whole event. Kek Seh Ngo!!(Damn it)

The slideshow:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Teachers' Day May16th!

Here's wishing Happy Teachers' Day to all the great & dedicated teachers out there who devote their time & heart in teaching the kids.

I suppose this wishes also go out to all Mothers who are teachers to their kids in many ways!

have a great celebration!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How was your Mother's day celebration?

As for me, i shared the celebration with a group of Mothers who had stroke in a Stroke centre.

We had a great time making cardboard vases & decorating them with beans, sago seeds, maize and 1cent coins. Then we had complimentary Chinese oldies entertainment by a volunteer & his Chinese opera students.

We also had a small & simple celebration with those strokees (stroke survivors) born in the month of April-June.

As for my family, we just had a simple dinner & lunch without much fanciful celebration as a mourning respect for my dad who departed less than a 100 days ago.

Daddy, we miss you a lot especially mommy. Since the day u left, I had not had a single dream of you. I do pray & hope that this would mean u have reached the Kek Lok Si world and in the arms of Buddha. Bless us all especially your grandchildren & keep us all safe, healthy & happy..and let them have wisdom in their studies & in life.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Significance of Wesak

What does WESAK Day commemorate?
Buddha's BIRTH, ENLIGHTENMENT and passing away!

These events took place on a fullmoon day in the lunar month of Vesakha which falls between April & May in conventional calendar.

Who is BUDDHA?
Buddha was a prince born in 623BC. He relinquished the luxuries of royalty and went forth for search of the true meaning of existence. After six years of intense striving., unaided and unguided by any supernatural power, and relying only on HIS strong conviction, energetic effort and accumulated wisdom. He became a BUDDHA - a self-enlightened and fully-awakened One. He has fully understood the unsatisfactory conditions in life, and moreover, He knows the practical way out of this mass of suffering.

How did Wesak holiday come about?

In March 1885, Wesak was declared an official holiday in Sri Lanka by the British governor, Sir Arthur Gordon. Malaysia has been observing Wesak as public holiday since 1962, in recognition of Buddhism being the religion with the second largest following in this country.

Buddha's Message of Peace
Greed, anger and ignorance are defilements that cause sufferings in this world. Peace is attained when we purify our minds and successfully reduce and eliminate those defilements. one who thinks , speaks and acts without greed, anger and ignorance has peace in his mind, and help promote peace in his family, community and the entire world.

happy Wesak to all!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Wesak, Happy Mother's Day & Happy Weekend!

Wishing all bloggers a great weekend, Happy Holiday in view of Wesak PH.

To all Buddhist devotees, Happy Wesak!

To all mothers out there..Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Public holiday weekend without daddy.

Daddy has gone to the sunniest capital of Australia..Perth for company trip on eve of Labour's Day (1st May), leaving us to spend weekend all by ourselves with mommy.

Mommy took 4 of us to Tesco for marketing single handedly. The two girls in the trolley while the twins kor kor walk by themselves, fighting & running about occasionally!

Besides, we have homecook sphagetti & Maggi mee at home.

On Saturday afternoon, mommy caught up with her 2 ex-classmates V & KP together with their daughters. The gals had a great time turning the hall into a nursery mess with Barbie dolls & her accessories.

At night we all slept in the hall, having slumber party 2 nights in a row.

Early Sunday morning, mommy took 4 of us out for an exercise workout at the Pologround recreational park. While we were at the playground, mommy did the aerobics near the playground itself in order to guard us at the same time while the the crowd which was following a team of aerobic instructors were distance away!

Later in the afternoon. mommy spent some quality time with the kids..dressing up Princess Jasmine with the accessories she got as present for her last year birthday.

We are all looking forward to daddy's return on Monday morning. Missing him very much!

My twins got their Yellow belt!

Congrates Daniel & Dennis for passing your taekwando yellow belt test.

Mommy & daddy are very proud of you two. Keep going for Black belt!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bckdated post: Easter Egg crafts with stroke survivors

10April 2009

During recent Easter, I spent about 1 hour teaching some STROKE survivors to make figurines from eggshell for EASTER celebration.

Here's the outcome:

Really glad to see these strokees using their Right brain & coming out with great creative ideas to decorate their egg shells with a littl bit of help of course (due to their functional impairment of their weak hands after STROKE).

Penang trip (part 2)

continued from previous post on Penang Trip.

Breakfast at Pulau Tikus

Fun at the beach: