Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've collected My 1st Prize...iPOD Shuffle

The Senior Operations Manager Mr.Wong & another manager Alex were there to present the prize ...1 unit iPOD shuffle & 2 cartons (24 X 2 cans) of RC Cola for me to enjoy with my family & friends.

This is the close up pic of the Ipod..very small & compact ideal for jogging/ shopping.

Though not as expensive as the one I won last time but it's the joy of winning that counts.

I've also learnt something from the managers aboput their other product KICKAPOO.

Take a look at this picture.

Do you knw which one is genuine and which one is "pirated" ?

The original (genuine) KICKAPOO has a green cap, with the words (Tanpa Kafein) Caffein free & also the Chinese characters read "KIT kar poh" and not "KAT Kar poh" in mandarin. Sorry I dont know Mandarin but at least I can see the difference in the chinese characters here.
The fake one is taller and has a Yellow cap without the kICKapoo logo on the cap. Others exactly the same ..dats why many consumers cant differentiate them.

So those of you KICKAPOO lovers like me out there make sure you look for the genuine ones when you purchase the next time. The original one is of course priced higher than the fake one but the taste is more genuine , too. I've been a KICKAPOO lover since childhood. It has been around even before I was born. BTW, I'm not paid to do this post OK, just trying to help do justice to the KICKAPOO company who is sueing the company who faked their product.

For your info, KICKAPOO also has a product called VIMTO..something like RIBENA. Tried before? What are you waiting for..go grab your original KICKAPOO, RC Cola & VIMTO and enjoy while you blog!

Thnks again KICKAPOO for the chance to win in your contest.


little prince's mummy said...

This is real cool!~ ipod prize!!!

KittyCat said...

Congratulations!!! Nice prize :)

I'll say keep the iPod and throw away the RC Cola...

Wow...if you didn't tell me, I'd think the bottle on the right is the original Kickapoo.

When did they change the drink to white? Wasn't it always yellow?

Irene said...

i tot the yellow cap is the real wan leh. oh, then in supermarket got fake n real one???

Tammy said...

Nice prizes!!! We have RC Cola here in Canada too.

jazzmint said...

ahh now that's new to me, i didn't know got kickapoo imatition :|. I'm also a fan of kickapoo keke

Mummy to QiQi said...

u r really good at winning prize! me a fan of kitkapoo too!! thanks for tips!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Wahlao.. simply jealous about you leh!!! hehehe