Monday, October 6, 2008

Pet-ty Sunday! (Part 5)

When we were at Uncle W's dog farm last Sunday, the kids saw real "goose" for the first time (CITY kids...nevr had chance before this).

When I told the girls "Girls look these are geese or Angsa in Malay'.One goose , many geese! Immediately they started singing "goosey goosey".

There were also big fat chicken at the farm.

Uncle W's friend who takes care of the place showed us the "Happy Fruit" (Hoy Sam Kor)..dont really knw what it is. Apparently they cut it take the inner yellow part & boil barley with Fu Chook(taufu skin). or you can even eat it just like that. taste a bit like 'Pak Koh'... dont knw how to describe the taste.

Have you seen this fruit before? Apparently it's quite expensive, too. Wonder what's it's actual name!


Angeline said...

oh my! I love these type of place...the smell of the shit of animals...seriously! I missed it very much after my granny who stays in Malaysia passed away when I was still in primary school....

Tammy said...

I don't recognize that fruit, but I'm from Canada so I don't think we get it here.

renet13 said...

You can always come to Ipoh and we can explore this place again with ur kids.

My aunt in UK had planted this tree before & she love to eat the fruit.

GarGies said...

I have this tree right in front of my parents' home where I grew up in. It's called "phan kor", and yes, it's very tasty, much better than putting pak kor in the fujuk barley soup. When it blooms, there's so much of it, that we have to give it to neighbours, relatives and anyone who just pass by. you want too?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh i haven't seen this hoy sum kor for such a long time. sure brings back good memories for me. we used to stay in a house in ipoh garden when i was a kid and there was a huge hoy sum kor tree outside.