Friday, October 3, 2008

2nd Aidifitri..


Mom cooked pumpkin soup for us . She also added carrots, celery and eveaporated milk inside.

The following will not have photos as mom accidentally deleted some of the photos (what a waste).

After breakfast, mom took only her princesses to Auntie Yasmin's open house. We only had sate as we wanna keep our stomache for the next open house. Dad & kor kor stayed home to clean the dishes after breakfast as they woke up late.

By noon , went to Uncle Bakar's house for Raya open house. Every year Auntie Azizah (Bakar's wife) will cook us her special spaghetti besides the usual rendang, ketupat, lemang & serunding. Daniel had 3 helpings while Dennis had 2. We girls only ate one portion as we are not big eaters like kor kor. After makan, we watched television while mom & dad chatted with their "long time no see" friends.

Guess what ..there were 4 pair of twins attending the open house there.All the twins have grown up ever since the first time they had been attending this annual open house.

Before we left we received "Green Pau" from auntie Azizah.


Mom made "Mi Sedaap" again upon our request. This time it'swith sausage , egg & seafood ball. BTW there is a contest going on for Mi Sedaap. Contest lovers do take note.

Simple day yet enjoyable, muhibbah & fun!


Lian said...

Oh yes, I'm a mi sedap fan.

Angeline said...

wow lots of yummies...salivating now.

wen said...

wow! i see a lot of food !!! too bad i dont get to see the pic of pumpkin soup