Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Sunday..canned food lunch!

It's spring cleaning time for the whole family!!

Daddy cleans the aircond filters,

The twins tidy their room & change bedsheet,

The little girls clear their stuff to give away to Hannah Orphanage home

Mommy does the supportive role & be the cook.

Mom made us simple breakfast(...comprises of a combo : spaghetti, fries, fried sausages & leftover Lychee taufu fah pudding) & lunch to cut cost.

Our lunch is simple 3 dish meal

..1) canned food curry chicken with added potatoes,

2) Yeos canned baked beans (Mom added Mickey head cut out cheese as topping)

and 3) mommy's mi sua soup (with fried egg & dried prawns & fish balls).

As for dinner...a pot of herbal chicken soup (with mushroom, bamboo shoots, red dates, pak kay & scallops) to go with rice.

That also makes mommy so tired. Must be the aging factor.


Something About Us said...

my kids like baked beans very much. They must have it once a week.

- Ling

Blessed mum said...

mi sua + rice for lunch!! That's a very filling one :)

spring cleaning + cooking..totally not easy.

got an award for you on my blog. go grab it :)

renet13 said...

Blessed mum,
He He my hubby & the twin boys got ESTIMA tank..oni the mommy & the gir's have Kancil tank.

Alas manage to clean up the hall & boy's week another segment.

Thks for the rose award!

Ling my kids like the baked beans with cheese & sausages.

jacss said...

hey, u r more lucky leh...u've got yr huby, d twins & d girls helping hands...that would be a much relief!!
i was doing it all darn boring & tired!!
like yr mee suah...

Shannon's Mummy said...

My girl love baked bean too!