Monday, October 6, 2008

Pet-ty Sunday! (Part4)

After our haircut, we headed home to have our shower while mom prepare dinner for us.

Tonight she is cooking :
1) "Kau Kee" soup with fish ball

2)Beggar chicken -

just marinate 2 drumstick with the AI ingredients

add some chopped potatoes & carrots on top

before wrapping up the the HDP and aluminium foil.
Then steam for 2 hours.

3)Fried pomphret (with stir fried cabbage)

(On a side note ..while mommy was preparing the fish..there were 5-6 irritating flies flying all over the food. So mom used the sticky fly trap and caught all of them;

For dessert, Daniel kor kor helped mommy to make
Orange poppyseed muffins while Dennis kor kor helped daddy to make Chocolate mousse.

Mommy used her Teddy bear mould which she bought during Raya at Hot market.She also used the Mickey & Hello kitty head mould but the muffin didnt turn out well..a bit burnt.

Overall, mommy was not quite please with this "2nd time baking" coz the new oven is rather hot to set at 120 degrees (as per the baking instructions). mayb next time must turn down the heat a wee bit.

Daddy forgot to steam the taufu he used to make the mousse and later when he realised that..all the refrigerated chocolate mousse went into the dustbin instead. So wasted but daddy said "It's ok..he will make a 2nd attempt this weekend '.

That was our family time on Sunday! How was yours?


Angeline said...

hmm...we called it Emperor Chicken but you guys called it Beggar Chicken... what a huge difference! We love to it that and we just had it on Sunday too! *wink*

jazzmint said...

wah mana u dapat that sticky fly trap??

u all can really cook up a storm eh...and with so many kids can makan all lah...i so sien to cook cause only so few of us :(

alicia said...

the begger chicken looks nice... mayb i shld try one of these day

Jacss said...

wuah...that's quite a big cooking with varieties of dishes leh!! it's not easy to cook for so many i guess...
while i was admiring yr nice dishes.. tiba-tiba, u showed d flies pulak...aikk...turn my face away edi!!