Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best Birthday Ever

In the past 14 years , never have I received any gift in particular frm my hub..not even a rose.

But guess what? This year I not only receive one pressie but 3 pressies all together from him. What an amazing surprise this year!!

First, he got me an Iphone .
Next he got me a Notebook.
Finally he granted me a WISH! A Toyota Wish!!

Perhaps the timing was right that last month was Maxis promotion, PC fair & were great great deals to grab!

IT's truly the best Birthday so far!

Thks darling! I'm really head over heels!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May - the pocket straining month

For me, MAY is a very lucky month because it's my birth month
as well as my twin 's. It's also a month full of celebrations like
Mothers' Day, Teachers' day, nurses's day, Wesak day , etc.

Due to all these celebrations of joy, one would obviously find it
pocket straining to buy gifts n spend on birthday bash like me.
Nonetheless, I believe in good karma, giving our fellow loved ones n friends
a treat is a way of sharing love and celebrating joy. It will somehow come
back to us in other forms of goodwill.

Recently I received my cheque and hamper from maggie from my long pending
contest winning. The prize really comes handy on this month of May!!Thks Maggi!
Don't u think so?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy mommy's Day!

Calling all moms, mommies, emak, ibu, amah, mou chan, mami, etc! Watever the title u
r holding in the love of ur darling kids, here's wishing u a fantabulous HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!

I am enjoying every moment of it now in a simple, leisure n pleasurable way with my family:

1. Went for linedancing n leisure walk at d park at 7am this morning:

2. Endeavouring nature with my girls as they had fun at the playground.
Made myself a HEART SHAPE from petals of FLAME of THE Forest!

3. Now going to golf sanctuary to relax and unwind .. Trying to meet my contest datelines!

How's your mother's day ? Hope u hv a wonderful and interesting one!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best Mother's Day Experience Ever

As a lady, who doesnt wanna have a feel of looking her best , dressed pretty, have her hairdo , make up & nails done by the professionals - all sponsored?

This dream gave me the inspiration to sign up for the "My Lovely Mom Award" competition held just recently on Labours' Day.

Registration fee was only RM 50 and contestants got the chance to do studio photo shoots by professional with all make up & hairdo & 1 dinner gown sponsored during the photo shoot. They will be wearing the same gown during the Finals on that competition Nite. Besides, the contestant will also get 2 8R portraits where one will be sent for competition judging and the other for self keeping.

Really had great fun learning how to groom, how to catwalk, pose elegantly & look slim in front of camera, spotlight & reporters etc. The most challenging was having to walk in 3 inches high heel (which I never done before) after wearing the gown which is longer than me. ha Ha!

so did I win? Of course! I won:

1) New friendship (knowing other Mothers age frm 30 plus to 58)
2) Memorable & Fun Experience
3) The courage to try again next time.

The winners were mainly in their mid 40s and 50's - the judges' favourites to bag the Titles Of Champion, 1st & 2nd Runner up, Most Photogenic, Most Popular, Most Charming, Most Elegant & The Oldest Mom Award!

Perhaps I should gear myself up to take part again in 10 years time to stand a better chance hoh?

Happy Mothers day to all the lovely Moms out there!