Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids' cousins are back from Texas, USA

The girls posing with their cousin sisters from Texas, USA.

The twin boys were not in the picture coz they had to attend their Chinese tuition which they can't afford to miss.

Never mind, the cousins will still be around till this weekend ..they still have time to spend time together.

Maybe playing lantern and candles to celebrate Mooncake Festival. Talking about that what do you think of the lanterns these days?

I miss all those traditional ones I used to play with when I was younger.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy hour with mommy - early escape frm the nursery!

Since I'm on unpay leave and more or less settling down with the kids sent to nursery, thought I should spend whatever quality time I have with my kids before I resume work once I get transfer back to hometown.

So I took the girls back from nursery earlier than usual . Instead of 6pm I went and fetched them at 4pm. Couldnt take the boys along as they have after school tuition and homework. Anyway they had their fun with mom when they were much younger like their sisters now.

Indeed Happy hour with mommy!.

The joy of them seing me early really make my day. Took them to the Ipoh Pologround (a recreational padang for joggers).

The slides will speak for themselves how much the gals enjoy the precious moments with me. I praise God for this golden opportunity after my maid crisis.

A great weekend with the kids at clearwater sanctuary Batu Gajah

My twins new found acquintance Jeremy came back and put up at the Clearwater challets (you know the one that Chow Yuen Fatt & Jodie Foster stayed when they were doing the shooting for the movie "Anna & The King?".

So the kids have agreed to meet up at the swimming pool.

There was a new water slide at the medium pool.(forgot to take picture of that!)

The boys had their fun swimming & playing with water guns while I stayed with the girls at the wadding pool.

Then we had tea break by the poolside....Clearwater Laksa and my hubby ordered Pulut Durian (EEEE stinko!!). We also had poolside ice kacang.

The girls had a splashing fun time at the pool and also rent a bike & cycle around the open space. we missed the archery session for members.

Great relaxing weekend after a whole long week at nursery, work and housechores.
Everyone had their share of great time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting my kids to help with housechores

Yes, since I'm maidless now, I have to train my kids to help out with my housechores after they come back from the nursry and childcare centre in the evening.,

The twins being 9 years old were trained to soak their own uniform with stain remover (not touching their delicate hands of course) and wash dishes after dinner. The younger girls (3 and 4 years old) would learn to bathe themselves and put on their own pyjamus besides taking out all the soiled clothes from their school bags.

After that we all would have a family time folding the clothes, filled up water tumblers and getting ready the uniform for the next day as well as food in tupperware for the next day.

As a reward the one who behaves best and helped out most will get smiley on the ranking white board. At the end of the week, the one with the most smileys will get to have something they like at a small price (as mummy is on unpay leave , cant afford expensive reward, mah!)

Of course mummy still have to do the laundry, mop the floor and clean up the house.

but she is not alone..there is a little volunteer here who is willing to help out.

Thanks Jasmine. mummy appreciate it. hope you will not be bored and continue this when you are bigger like your twin koko!

Maybe the maids' disappearance is indeed a blessing in disguise to get the family bonding closer . Don't you think so?

My princesses had their hair cut at saloon.

Since mummy had a hard time taking care of us after that cheater KAKAK left..mayb it's a good either we cut our hair short for easy maintainence.

Nice or not Juliana's new hairstyle? China Doll Look.

Jasmine was so obedient, seated quietly and patiently for saloon auntie to give her the new look.

Daddy loved our new look very much and said we should have this look much earlier but mummy insisted to keep our hair long when kakak was around to tie for us.

What do you think of our new hairstyle? Do you agree with daddy?

Boycot this maid ....the pro cheater or either that she is psycho!

Take a good look at this pro cheater who may change her name and identity to find her next victim or employer.

She love to use her name starting with ANAK... Her various names used were ANAK AYU SUKRENIA (the name she use when we took her in), she also has other identity as ANAK HANDAKO, ANAK AGUNG and also uses the name NONIK. Her birth date written 21 August 1971 from Bali but ex husband from Jawa Timur.

This is all that she claimed.....Only God knows the truth about her.
From day one her story with us was she is a widower whose husband was with the army and died in the ACHEH war. Later after she left and never came back as promised, we found a photostated IC of a man who looks like a rocker and behind the IC was written (this is my Husben). Her parents also dies in the BALI bombing.

She claims herself as one of the triplets (two other sisters already died at childhood and after giving birth. Her face doesnt resemble the original photo of hers as she claims she had a plastic surgery when her face was slashed by a robber when she protected her ex Taiwanese emplyer's 2 year old daughter. She doesnt have children.

She also claims she used to be with the police force and has connection with Suharto's Right hand man (Lim Shue Leong) as she is the daughter of his "Ah Lai" (not offcial wife).That means her mum is a Chinese.

When asked if she is so well off why is she working as maid in Malaysia. She answered that's because none of her family members knew she is a maid in Malaysia and she ran away from Indonesian's crisis back in 1997 when the indonesians tortured the Chinese brutally. Being half Chinese, she was threatened then and escaped here.

Her story later formed a very good drama with her pathetic story which was made so real with additional tricks here and there which appeared to sound logic and we believed her. Maybe we were charmed or what..only God knows.

She took advantage of our sympathy and kindness for allowing her to go back 3 times in a year for valid reason like she has to go back for some legal matters of her inheritance father's property after his dismise and also family issues. She actually owned 4 different handphones which appeared to be her family members' when they communicated with us all these while. now we realise it's a hoax and probably belong to her syndicate.

You being a third party hearing my summarised story may feel and say that it's obvious this maid cant be trusted but if you were in our position you probably would be conned by all the added in details to the drama. Afterall, she was really good with her housework and to my kids which had gained our trust and believe for 1 and a half years before her truth was revealed.

Just hope she wont find a new victim in any of you. Those of you taking new maids and going through maid BIODATA, remember this plastic face!!!

I win again...Ambi Pur Contest

For the recent Ambi pur contest I won again but only a consolation Petronas Voucher worth RM100. Better than nothing hoh?

This was my winning creation.

For more info on this contest and more..check out this link.

Anyone of you took part?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seeing double and wanna see more doubles??

I'm a mother of twins with twin aunties and twin grand aunties in law.
I would like to invite all of you who are twins or have twins to the the launching of TWIN registry on the 13th september 2008. The details are as follows:

Date: 13th September 2008
Time: 10 am to 12 pm
Venue: 48, Jalan Dato' Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh garden, Ipoh 31400, Perak

There will be games, food and lots of fun. Not to mention, there will be talks given by our experts, Dr Sharifah Halima Jaafar and Dr Siva Acchanna.
So, do join us and show some support!

If you know of any more twins that i can contact, please do spread the word around and invite them to join us (and register with us even if they cannot attend the launching).. The more the merrier!!

RSVP by 5th September 2008.

So hope to see you guys there!

Interested, let me knw. Leave your contact or email me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Settling down but still very hurt

Only those who have been through what I 'm going through now would understand my feelings psychologically and emotionally. Physical fatique of having to do housework is fine with me.After all it's all for my kids. My love for them no complaints. but the nightmare of wondering what are the surprises next from the "BITCH" maid of mine is really disturbing. (Sorry for being rude her but I', very pissed of, "Em Kam Yuen (Not satisfied) with what she did to us.

Wanna cheat us and go off...just do it and be done with it lah. But No...she will torture us mentally by making calls saying she'll be back and created so many pathetic and "logical" stories to win our sympathy and finally I'm kind off like just woke up from a "spell" and find myself so stupid, idiotic and hopeless to have believed her. Worst is when she is not done with that. She still got guts to sms and ask if she could come back. Never have I encounter such a "Pachyderm" (thick skin and "tak malu' kind of species).

So heart sick when I found so many things and evidence that even make me feel so stupid for not realising her "tricks" all these while. During my long leave i managed to clear the house and spend more hands on time with my kids..cook for them, do laundry and manage the household. If only I could afford, I would love to be a SAHM like some of you, too. But I feel it's just too costly to maintain 4 kids and unfair to leave it to my hubby to support the family entirely.

One thing for more maids. enough of neglecting my kids' studies after school and being so dependent on this "vultures" whom you dont knw when they will eat you back anytime when we are too dependant of them due to our daily work commitment and our routine which they take advantage of.

Any comments and advise to share? How do you decide to become a SAHM..any financial hiccups?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm back ...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long absence.

Was having some problem with my "all these while so good and faithful" maid. She betrayed our trust, went back and never returned as promised. It was such a gradual well plan drama..I felt so silly , stupid and a loser to be conned by her. Her story was damn good and managed to stole our sympathy.
The worst was my 4 kids having to settle down to a new routine of going to nursery and childcare centre fullday.

The experience with this great cheater was too traumatising for me emotionally not to mention some financial loss and fear from unpleasant sms related to that maid.

Now I have to be on unpay leave to see to the welfare of my kids and household. All these while we have been so dependant on the maid since we both work outstation. Blessing in disguise that she didnt take my youngest daughter along..the one she supposedly love very much. That's why all these while no loop holes or unpleasant discoveries. All work was done well and she was soooooo capable .

Let bygones be bygones. Just pray that there wont be any more future problem crawling in after how she cheated us and also we believed she did all that with a syndicate.

I really feel like putting her photo and details online to boycot her. My maid agency said there's nothing they can do or I can do. Even after reporting to Immigration and the Police this "cheater" can still come in to Malaysia anytime as long as she changes her name and identity and make a new pasport. I really hope she wont go on to find the next victim.

What do you think I should do? Sometimes it's so unfair. We employers can cheated and became victim to these kind of maid and yet we get penalty of RM250 by Immigration. On top of that taking a new one is so damn expensive almost RM8K. The immigration rules are also not strict enough to control the illegal immigrants.

Will find time to blog again.