Sunday, December 5, 2010

Diamond for Xmas gift

As the saying goes "Diamonds are girls' best friend" but I would rather have the saying of "Money is women's best friend!" because with $$$ one can buy anything besides diamond! Having said that,I only had 2 diamonds in my life. One is a very tiny (sorry dear if I need to emphasize on the size) pair of diamond earrings which my "dear" bought for me during one of our honeymoons to Bangkok/Phuket which I'm still wearing till today. The other was a diamond pendant/chain which I won from a radio valentine contest.Sad to say I lost it while swimming in a pool (which I've forgotten to remove before the swim).

Since Xmas is just around the corner & since I haven't got a diamond ring from my hubby (our wedding ring was just a gold ring), perhaps I should start shopping around for diamond rings and ask him to use his VISA to buy me eco friendly ones from Created-Diamonds especially Diamonds by Gemesis.