Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not all cheap stuff aint good lor!

Another product review here after the previous one on super broom 918.. (Again I 'm not receiving any commission or revenue for it hah!)

This time it's the TESCO antibacterial multi-surface cleaner.

Why I like this product:

1) First of all the fragrance is very pleasant (unlike most antiseptic agent like DETTOL which has very strong "Medicated" smell).
2) Easy to spray
3) Leaves surface clean and smells great without having to rinse.
4) More affordable than other anti-bacterial brand (price between RM6-7 depending on offer)...oops mistake just found out today(11.9.0) when I went to TESCO, that it's only RM3.90..even cheaper still.]
5) It supposedly can kill 99.99% germs(not very sure of this though!)

I use it to clean the surface of my cupboards, doors, sink top, fridge, TV , door knobs, etc.

Recently without maid I find my house is unavoidably messy with 4 kids around but it's cleaner than when my maid is around. I sweep everyday, I mop alternate days and sometimes everyday when I can't stand the stickyness and dust on the floor. I wipe windows and fan once a month. Change bedsheet and curtain once a month or when necessary. All this my maid didn't even do consistently when she was around as we didn't want to tax her too much thinking that she has to manage the household and the kids. Looks like mommy now is doing a better job than Kakak. Who says we can't live without a maid? Mommy have got us- twins 9 yrs and girls 4 and 3 yrs to help her out and also got daddy to iron clothes on weekends. Mommy we will stand by you!

This is our SIGNATURE kitchen set which mommy won 1st Prize from Johnson and Johnson "MY FAVOURITE BONDING MOMENTS" contest. It was worth RM10K. When the carpenter came he told it actually worth RM8K only. This was back in year 2004 when Juliana was born. Lucky baby brought luck for mommy.

So you can imagine after 4 yrs lots of dust has accumulated needs wiping. So the Antibacterial Multi surface cleaner is very handy to mommy.

Can you see the microwave on the left side? That also needs wiping from time to time inside and outside. This microwave also has sentimental value as mommy won it as the 9th to 2oth prize from Cuddles Puppywink Mom's choice contest in the year 2005 when she was pregnant with Jasmine..Another lucky baby who brought luck to mommy. The condition is still good . The best thing with this Samsung 28L microwave is it came with a radio function and can record voice.

The fridge beside this kitchen set is TOSHIBA 2Door 370L model won by mommy in the KAO 30th anniversary contest.

This fridge is 5 years old now. Still standing tall. Mommy use to keep all her breastsmilk in the side freezer compartment for all 4 of us. Emmmm another sentimental asset....that also needs thorough cleaning and wiping now.


Mummy to QiQi said...

wow...u got such a good price from JJ. and hey, u have got a BIG kitchen ler...can bake easily!!

Creative B Bee said...

Wow! You are very luck won so MANY hadiah!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...you won so many things. you are really lucky!! btw, i love your kitchen cabinet. nice!!!

alicia said...

i must salute u!! u r a working mum who needs to look after 4 kids n do all the housework n can still find time to blog!! ur time management must b really good! n i like ur kitchen leh... so nice.. n u r reli good la won so many gifts

renet13 said...

Hi Alicia..the compliments u gave really sinks me lah. No lah I have time now because I on unpay leave..do a bit of part time and housework lor. Actually if u consistently do the cleaning..wont be so difficult to maintain the house cleanliness. But mayb once I go to wrk ..not so much time to blog except lunch time. i love to blog at midnight if I cant find time day time ..put kids to sleep first..just like when I was doing my degree before and after I delivered my 4th one. Sacrifice sleep lor. Dats's why I very skinny..cant put on weight!

renet13 said...

Thks Mommy to Chumsy . Actually I could have ordered a nicer one with that RM10K wrth but gotta be kid friendly..cant be too glassy and filmsy. so turn out lots of storage and flat wood.

wen said...

wow! u won so many expensive stuffs! ok, i must go buy the anti bacterial spray and then start joining more contest liao!

renet13 said...

Wen, Glad you sound so motivated to join contest now. BTW the antibacterial spray is only RM3.90 in TESCO, saw it today. I remembered I got it for RM5.90 the last time.

irenelim said...

Nice kitchen cabinet! I also just have my first ever kitchen cabinet which only worth 4K..haha.

Jacss said...

wow...nice kitchen, with 4 kids it can also be well kept, u must be a very neat person!!
and u r really a craze contest concur person ehh...d gifts were valuable!!

renet13 said...

irenelim, if i had to pay for my kitchen cabinet, my dear wont even let me spend 4K for it. He He. He's too pampered with my winnings that sometimes he takes for granted and ask me to forego those local holiday trips that i won. believe it or not?

About the prizes..it's not always luck but great effort. I really do need to crack my brains and juice out slogans, creative signatures & artwork for the sponsors. Nothing comes free. So happened some of it which invloves lucky rank or draw like the SIGNATURE kitchen and Double A Bangkok & Phuket trip was pure luck! Comping is my addictive hobby besides now blogging!
You call that neat ah? You should saee my kids' room..never ending tidying from me everyday..really sick and tired sometimes to clear their mess.