Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our snack to take to school

Daddy always says mommy spoil us and manja us a lot. Now at the current situation, mom should be spending less money and time doing other unnecessary stuff. He thinks that for our daily supply of tupperware food to school we can just have bread all week.

Our loving mommy feels a variety should be nice for us. That's why sometimes she intermittenly make some other food like mini pizzas for us to take to school:

2) blueberry muffins (her very first time making muffins)
(Quite easy to make, just buy the NONA blueberry muffin flour mix, add 100g water, 3 eggs., 120g butter and mix. Then put in paper cake cups & oven for 20 minutes)

Mom was so excited with the finish product which turn out quite well & tasty.
Do come back to check out what other quick fix that mom will attempt to make for us to enjoy in our snack box.


alicia said...

i wan some pizza n muffin too...

jacss said...

hey...what a coincidence, ystd i just toast some hotdog bun pizza for the boys' bento too!! and they loved it so much coz i put lots of garlic underneath...turned out so fragrant!!
tell dady, that was not spoilt, that was LOVE i reckon....cannot be eating bread for 1 whole week kan....??

Blessed mum said...

lovely snack from the hands of a loving mom!

Mummy to QiQi said...

u like to cook also hor...

saw the meter...seems that all your kids look more to daddy?

renet13 said...

alicia, u r most welcome if u come to my place in Ipoh.

Twin moms think alike. BTW do chk out my other blog created with other 2 twin moms.

Daddy is a very practical n realistic person. susah to change his thoughts..he would probably say what's wrong with eating bread everyday? He can do it & he expects the kids to be able , too!

Blessed mom,
Thks , unfortunately ..daddy will not be impressed.

CN, not that i got choice...homecooking saves money thoug takes up a lot of my time!

HN said...

Haha, you see ... that's the different between man and woman :) Your kids are very lucky to have a loving mommy like you! I am still wondering whether to make bento for my little one when he grows up later :D