Monday, September 1, 2008

Merdeka Longgg stretcchhhh of holidays Part3

During this long break, mommy not only have refurbish her blog but also her pond garden with some of the stuff she bought with the vouchers she won from SSF (from Ajax Fabuloso contest)

Can you see the flowers in these pots..the lotus flowers and leaves?

and the heart shape red colour ones ?(can't remember the name)

(do you know the name?)

They are all artificial flowers that mom got from SSF to beautify her garden.

The grass with yellow sprouts (Ah Kong said it's called KAM PIK FAI WONG..dont ask me the meaning) is carpeting very well due to the daily rain. Look little Jasmine enjoy plucking them:

Due to the rainy and not so sunny weather, the pond water also has less algae (the green stuff that cloud and dirty the water making it look green).

The Japanese Kois were also happy and lively..good for feng shui.


Agnes Chan said...

oh.. the leaf with a stick coming out is call "candle flower" in mandarin and not sure how issit call in english... ;)

noticed u changed the blog header pix.. it's much nicer this time!!! great job!!!

Jacss said...

huh...artificial flower ka, alamak, i kena 'bluff' edi...nice though!

renet13 said...

Actually they look very real when i saw them in the shop Jacss..that's why i bought it . moreover no need to worry that they will die or fade. He He