Friday, September 26, 2008

Raya Mood, Raya Food & Fashion at our home..

Today mommy went shopping for some milk powder in Giant after government gave clearance on Dutch Lady products.

While shopping, mom decided to cook ketupat and satay sauce for dinner tonight since the Raya Festive mood is in the air.

She bought a packet of and some ready weaved ketupat cases .

After getting some quick tips from a Makcik (who happen to be shopping, too) on how to prepare the Kuah kacang (or Satay sauce), mom made her own satay sauce to go with the mini ketupats. Quite simple actually to prepare. You just need to fry some shallots(red onions)in oil

, throw in some crushed serai(lemon grass) and "tumis" with cili BOH (red grinded chilly paste), add a bit of tumeric powder,sugar, tamarind juice & salt and most important ingredient of all ...pounded toasted groundnut.

Just let it boil till a layer of oil is formed.

Mom filled up the ketupat casing with the ketupat rice (half filled only as it will expand further once cooked). She also used the ready packed instant mini rice pack in plastic which could withstand high temperature.

Just boil the ketupat casings or plastic ones for about 45 minutes until they are expanded & cooked.

Then let it cool and cut the plastic ones into cubes and fish out the leavy ketupat.
Put the the ketupat & sauce on a plate & served with cut cucumber & raw big onions.


Besides food, mom also bought each of us a pair of Baju Melayu (for the twins) and Baju kurung for the girls. Guess the price???
The baju Melayu was bought at RM9.90 per suit only while the Baju kurung was only RM3per suit. Darn cheap! God is really kind to us ..when mommy need to live with tight budget, He will show her the way! BTW the original price for the suits was RM39.90. Now offer because last stock!

The kids really like their new raya outfit & enjoy being mom's models especially the ever vain Juliana who insisted mom take a picture of her alone..

Here's wishing all mommy's blogger frens, Muslim frens (especially auntie Diyanah Teh Abdullah) and Fellow Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holidays.

Stay tune on more fun cooking ...making muffins & cake with mom's new toy..the teddybear cake mould....and making fried egg n half boil eggs with cute love shape mould & star shape pan.


KittyCat said...

Hi! New to your blog and amazed with your 4 kids :)

Really nice of you to get into the festive Hari Raya Mood. Do they have Muslim friends they can visit?

I used to visit my friends for Hari Raya. Sure will miss doing it this year!

Mommy to Chumsy said... are really good leh. your kids are so blessed...hehehehe. i like the pics of your kids wearing baju melayu and baju kurung. they look so cute.

jazzmint said...

wah wah..very festive mood

LittleLamb said...

wow..this mummy really "geng"
can handle 4 kids...and do yummy cooking...

have a good holiday ahead.

renet13 said...

Dear all,

Yes, annually we will visit 2 Muslim friends who are very kind to host open house on first & second Raya respectively every year. So mommy will make sure they dress in Malay costume and appreciate the Malay ketupat, rendang, & other Malay delicacies! This year same thing! They enjoy receiving "Green Pau" from my Malay friends.

Little Lamb & KittyCat, thks for visiting me for the first time.

I cook to survive and to please my kids...have to come out with creative ideas & fast simple dish so that it's easy, yummy & less time in kitchen, more time for family.

Bengbeng said...

excellent post. now i got an idea on how to prepare satay sauce. the kids look great n seem to b so happy

renet13 said...

Beng, actually there are many versions of making satay kuah..depending on the north or South recipe. I just go for simple one. The kacang some ppl like it grinded fine but i purposely pound it coursely to appreciate it better. Too finenot so nice . BTW, dnt forget to sieve the serai. by right I should blender all the ingredients time.

Irene said...

waaaaah, so cheap the clothings? good for you! now i miss eating ketupat, thanks to you! haha! looks yummy!

jacss said...

looking at d steps of making d ketupat r certainly no easy but really got to try it out for real! but at this moment, i'll give it a pass. d baju melayu so damn cheap heh....if i stumble upon one, i'll buy too, there are comfy actually!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, less than RM10 for a set of clothing? Really cheap! From Tesco or Giant I guess?

renet13 said...

You should try making's fun but easier to buylah if u busy..but the comercial pckets nw are pretty convenient & easy for dummy cook like me! Enjoy ur Raya ketupat..Happy raya holidays.

Irene/ Healthfreak mommy,
Yes frm Giant..actually the ori price is RM39.90. The rest next to these I chose (the only ones left) are selling at RM19.90- 39.90. I thght price tag error but when they scan it's correct & the salesgirl oso defect nothing! Really good buy!