Monday, September 29, 2008

My little girls love to sing

...and they can do a Medley believe it or not.

I quickly grab my digital camera to record a video of Juliana who was soo in the mood to sing after dinner one day. she used her Kor Kor's torch light as the mic. Ju has been bugging us to take her to Karaoke at our club but we just didnt have the time. So when she requested again that day, daddy asked her to just sing for us to hear...she just went on like a song bird not only singing one number but a Medley.
Click to play Ju & Min's Songs Medley
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Could you make up what songs she is singing?

The first one is the Superman theme song that goes..I cant stand to fly..I'm not that naive..

What do u think of her singing & her back up singer Jasmine??


Blessed mum said...

so cute! esp when she asked her sister to come and join her!

agnes said...

hahaha.. guess Ju more familiarize with twinkle twinkle little star & happy birthday song ya.. hahahaha

Angeline said...

they are so cute! I should really have them over to sing my birthday song!

and boy oh boy! She does want to be a singer doesn't she? She wanted to be in the 'spotlight' (when she switched-on the torch) *laugh*

U.Lee said...

Wow, you have an up and coming niteclub singer, ha ha.
Bet she takes after her mom, ha ha.
Best regards, Lee.

Creative B Bee said...

You've been tagged by me! Go check out my blog

Bengbeng said...

aiyo , if she becomes a superstar one day, u fat tat ( bcome rich ) lo

Mrs BB and I cannot sing . so benghui has no talent os :(