Monday, September 8, 2008

Need ideas for group play for stroke adults

Some volunteers in a stroke centre have been asking for some ideas of group play therapy or games for adult strokees.

Those of you who have experience organising games in group or for fellowship perhaps could chip in to help light up the thinking bulb!

Try to recall those school days, college days, or uni days where there were simple yet fun and creative games that adults regardless whether they are stroke or not, can play. Later can think out of the box to modify to suit the strokees.
Well afterall it's ideas for charity..ideas for a non-profit organisation volunteers to cheer those strokees. All ideas are welcome...even the conventional Musical chair!


Angeline said...

Stroke adults? meaning they have stroke? that means they are not very agile right?

passing the ball with the music would be more suitable. When the music stops. the person is out of the game or had to sing a song...

Bengbeng said...

a wonderful idea

-> the last four pics may give u some ideas

renet13 said...

Hi Angeline, these group of strokees are usually quite mobile and could at least sit or stand up before we put them in a group. They are not very disabled.

Thnks Beng Beng for the link. Will check out later. TQ