Monday, September 22, 2008

Our beautiful Sunday 21.9.08

Today is a very exciting and important day for us (the 9 yr old twins boys). Today our Taekwando Master will be conducting a test for us white belts.

So first thing in the morning, mom has prepared very nice & nourishing breakfast for us. She called it Mommy's Combo Breakfast.
Take a look... another simple yet healthy and appetising meal to kick start our day.
Combo breakfast (Fried crabstick, french fries, steam sausage, Mini Maggie Mee & Japanese cucumber with Mayo(to force us to take some vege).

Then we went for our Taekwando lesson and test. The result will only be out next week. we were sooooo nervous and made a lot of mistakes.

After that mom and dad took us out for lunch to give mom a break from cooking. After that we went to TESCO to do some shopping and hang out. We dropped by the GINTELL shop.

First we did some "KUNGFU fighting" on the machine on display.

Then daddy couldnt resist and joined us.

Next we tried the massage chair...

mom oso cant resist but pamper herself with body massage while dad on the background was busy tryig out the bicycle.

After all the fun, we adjourned home and mom has to prepare dinner for us. What did we have for dinner?

Simple homecook chicky meatball tomato, garlic & basil spaghetti...yummy!!!
BTW the basil was plucked from mom's herb garden.

She finds it very convenient to use the spaghetti pot which she won from San Remo contest. As she pours out the boiling water, mom simultaneously had her facial steam!!

Then for dessert, we made orange and sarsaparilla (sarsi) sherbert made from this icecube bag which mom bought from Jusco.

After dinner we help mommy to wash dishes and hang her laundry.

That was our fruitful beautiful Sunday!


U.Lee said...

Hi Renet, good to have young kids learn martial arts. At least you no need worry about them getting bullied in school.
When I was young my father made me learn Chinese martial arts too, then as a teen took up Thai boxing. Good exercise too.
Hey, your hubby very good looking gentleman....and he sure has one very attractive wife too.
You don't look like you have 4 kids, ha ha. looking good. Love your pics.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Pete said...

Ha Ha Cute, Yummy breakfast and dinner.Can i have some? LOL

pc said...

such a beautiful family on a beautiful sunday^^.

about lapbook, you can try this, 1 of the link i know from other mums:-

hy n i enjoy doing the lapbook... so far:) is really a 1 to 1 time for us. i hope you enjoy too:)

happy tuesday to you and your family.

jacss said...

that was indeed a wonderful day heh! hope d boys had done well...btw, wuah mumy on d massage chair looked so fair like taufu la....hehe
cooking & can steam facial at d funny LOL!!

Angeline said...

Wow! What a day! reading the events itself already took half of my breath away, can't believe the excitement which went on in each and everyone's heart!

Tammy said...

It sounds like it was a great day and I want one of those spaghetti pots! ;o)

cbenc12 said...

wahh ur kids so good, help u to do dishes and hang de clothes!

wen said...

good luck to u boys! hope u get excellent results!

Shannon's Mummy said...

wow.. a nice day indeed. And Renet hor, you should go buy some lottery/toto... you have won so many things... hehehe

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow irene, the food looks delicious!! so your taekwondo boys can take care of you and the 2 mei mei next time eh :D

btw, you are really lucky when it comes to contest huh? what about lottery tickets? ;)