Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our weekend Saturday 13 Sept 08

Weekend especially Saturdays are always very busy for mummy and our twin kor kors.

We both girls skip nursery as daddy would love to spend time with us. Kor Kor will need to attend tuition class and taekwando class while mommy go work to earn extra for us.

So mommy wakes up very early every Saturdays to prepare breakfast, do laundry and clear the garbage before the "sampah man " comes... while we (daddy, kor kor and us) still lazing in bed.

This Saturday she prepared spaghetti for us using the PREGO cheese and herbal sauce and the Japanese SOBA noodle

Here it is..Yummy and thumbs up from us!

Normally we do not favour cereals but since mom won the VICO hamper a few months back, we decided to try it and we love the taste ..healthy and yummy.

Today we skipped taekwando because mom took us to The Malaysian Twin Registry function where about 8 couples with twins gathered for the first time. Mom has announced this 1 month ago in her previous post here where today we finally see the doubles!! However majority of those bloggers who responded were from K.L, Cheras and Klang Valley who could not attend this gathering. Nevertheless, we Ipohites had a great time attending this TWINS gathering for the very 1st time.

While the parents of twins were having their power point presentation by a doctor

and sharing their twins motherhood with other mommies of twins,

the twin kids had their fun party with games,

colouring contest

cake cutting event.

and finally photo session for all the twins and their proud parents.

This is just the kick start of the Twins Registry of Malaysia launched in IPOH for those twins willing to take part in research ethically approved by The ministry Of Health. More events to come in future. Out of Ipoh folks wait up for your turn.

Later at night, mom cook dinner for us and here are the menu for Saturday night:
1) Nestum Tomato Sardin

2) Fried potatoes with CHilly Saucy Soya Balls

3) ABC Chicken soup (picture not shown here as we are sure everyone knows it's carrot, potatoes, onion soup.)
This little chef here insisted on helping mum shred the carrot skin

Stay tune for what we did on Sunday!

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jacss said...

d twins gathering sounds interesting... if u have one in KL, let me know ya.
wuah...yr mom's cookings r very unique leh, have not heard of d nestum tomato sardine & d balls before!!!