Monday, September 29, 2008

Cool Saturday... ,

So what did we do last weekend?


Mom made breakfast for us. Check out the teddy bear pan she bought to make the bear shape fry egg..emm mom thinks it didnt turn out that well.
and oso the star shaped pan

Everyone has Mommy's breakfast combo:
1)homecook mushroom soup (with mix french beans, potato, carrot & tomatos chopped very fine to force us to eat vege)
2)potato bread (product of TESCO)
3) Fried bear shaped egg (for kiddies) and fried STAR shaped egg for daddy.


Mom prepared our favourite MI SEDAAP. BTW there's a contest going very appropriate that mom can use the wrapper as proof of purchase.

Mom added her own made LOBAK or rather LO-Fish made from fish paste & some choped french beans, carrot n fu chook
Mom also made mushroom tempura to add to the mI SEDAAP and Lo-fish

Simple and yummy...we finished everything on the plate.

That Saturday evening daddy took us to the drive through Funny Mountain the Ipoh Famous Tau Ching (soya bean) & taufu fah(beancurd dessert) for tea time.

then that evening we went to Giant. Our great buddy cousin sister Yi Wern tagged along. we had fun at the bicycle section & ride around that area

wonder why Jasmine is not seen in the picture? She was sleeping in the trolley ZZZZZZZZZ! (mom didnt take her pic) mom didnt buy us any bike though we've outgrown ours.. SOB SOB

Mommy on cooking strike...daddy took us to a shop to eat FRIED WAT TAN HOR & Tom Yam fried rice while mom had "Chiken kueh teow (KAi Si Hor Fun).


Shannon's Mummy said...

wow..looks like you had a nice weekend!! Mine was boring cos we are confined at home due to the HFMD.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, looks like one of those bento stuff eh? the star and the bear :D

jazzmint said...

wow..ini mommy cooking up a storm, no wander at nite gotta on strike LOL