Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy home 20.9.08

Routine remain the same except that daddy got to work.

What's cooking for dinner??

As our dear little baby sister is having fever, she requested "Mommy I want to eat porridge for dinner." Unfortunately daddy doesnt fancy porridge but mom cooked porridge and some selfcreated recipe again to go with the porridge:

3 simple dishes to go with the porridge

ABC cabbage - green and purple cabbage, capsicum, carrots and cauliflower sitr fried with garlic

Mom's Tomato sardin- fresh sardin fish fry with fresh tomatoes and curry leaves in tamarind sauce.

Mom's simple mini duo LARNG POON.. fried prawn balls and egg roll with fillings of fried taufu, french beans, carrots, onions, garlic in Oyster sauce)

Dessert fruit combo (Fruits bought frm JUSCO at only RM1.00 per hoh?)

dragon fruit
orange melon (cant rmber the name)
and tampoi (monkey fruit)

This is the fruit Tampoi or Chinese called it the Monkey fruit (Hou Tze Kou)
It looks like mix breed of mangosteen with ciku and langsat.
It tastes sweet sour just like Mangosteen minus the magenta colouring that can stain!

However, the flesh doesnt detach from the seed I feel tak puas makan. Just like eating "Tak lekang rambutan:.

On a side note:
The kids were excited to see their tongue turn MAGENTA colour after taking the dragon fruit. Look at Daniel:

That was our simple family hour for a Happy Saturday.


Alicia said...

wah porridge oso got so much dishes to go with....

Angeline said...

*laugh* magenta tongue eh?!

Bengbeng said...

i definitely want to come over as a guest for dinner one day. :) definitely :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...your simple dishes look so good and delicious. Looks like a lot of work to prepare eh? hope your little girl is feeling better now.

Hey, i saw the monkey fruit but didn't buy any cos i don't know if it would taste good. are they sour or sweet?

Blessed mum said...

I don't know if it the same. I like to eat the "hou tze kou" too but ours is beige in colour not so dark brown..

The fruit is really cheap!!!

You have a good weekend too!

huisia said...

wow,so many side dishes to go with the porridge, the foods look yummy!

renet13 said...

Hi all,
Guess what, the kids wallup all the dishes leaving the big pot of sayang. My little girl who has fever for whom I purposely cook the porridge didnt wanna wat much except the dishes. Sigh!!

My girl is better but still got a bit of fever.

All of you are welcome as my guest for meal. He He!

jazzmint said...

wah liao much food :| keng lah u