Wednesday, September 17, 2008

our public holiday 17September 2008

Being a public holiday here means it's more work for mommy as usual coz we wont be going to school.

So what did we do at home. (Staying at home can cut cost compared to going to shopping malls where mommy will sure to buy something for us!)

1) Juliana and Jasmine play "Mommy & Baby..mommy pushing baby on stroller" OMG surprise Jasmine (3 yr old) can still fit into this miserable stroller for her doll bought from ToysRus.

2) After watching the VCD "Wall-E..the robot show", the twins were inspired and created their own "Wall-E" from their binoculous.

3) Mom cooked her very own FIRST TIME specialities for dinner:

You have heard of LOR MEE..have you heard of LOR Wan Ton Mi??

Mom's very own Seafood Lor "Wan Ton Mi"



Yummy...but a bit salty coz mommy forgot that the corned beef and the fried anchovies were already salty. Emmm lesson to learn for next try.

Dessert...we helped mommy make DOUGHNUTS for the very first time also!!

Using the NAGO doughtnut flour and the instant yeast provided inside.

Just need to add water and simple!

Leave it for 90 minutes to double the dough size covered with wet cloth.

Finally..just fry them in oil

Mommy created her mini doughnut sticks , too. Nice??


Cheng Cheng...... mini chocolate coated rainbow truffles doughnuts and icing sugar coated mini sticks doughtnut.

We even have enough to take to school the next morning.


GarGies said...

you call toysrus' stroller miserable?? that's darn pricey wei! i so far emm-seh-tuck to buy one for my girl to play with, now THAT is called miserable! :(

Alicia said...

looks like you have a wonderful public hol....

wen said...

ya, i see more work plus 4 kids! lots and lots of work! u go girl!

jazzmint said...

yoo....i want lor wan tan mee..slurpsss