Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mari! Mari! Mari Promosi Penyapu! (Come! Come !Come! Broom Promotion!

Today I went to the Simee market with my mom looking and shopping for a good broom. The one I was using was broken by hubby! Don't ask me how ah!

Anyway here is the broom review:

The next time you are looking for a broom or think of changing the useless one (always dropping out), try this one:

It's 918..yah make sure you buy this genuine brand 918. What's so good about it:

1) Very hardy and lasting ....Will last you for years (at least a year).

2) Has the end that can trap dust and hair by grouping them with rough end bristles . The trapped dust and hair can be easily pull out with bare hands or just simple rub it against grass surface.

Really IDEAL for sweeping your carpet. No need to vaccum so marfan! my house got 3 carpet. All sweep clean just with this fantastic broom.

3) The price?? Of course more expensive than the RM2 ringgit shop or TESCO promotion
I saw a few places selling for different prices which range from RM5 -RM8 .
I got it for RM5 only.

4) Comes in various colours...grey(silver), golden yellow, red, green, etc.
I chose red.."ong" (good luck)!

So what are you waiting for..go grab your 918 broom now.

BTW I dont know the manufacturer, neither am I earning revenue from this promotional post , OK.


Shannon's Mummy said...

HIHI.. thanks for visiting my blog!!! I have link you up!!!

Charmaine Sim said...

hahaha..i was abt to ask if they pay you for the advertisement..*wink*

U did so well in "promoting" it! Will consider it once mine spoilt..wonder if they sell here in Singapore.

huisia said...

don't know i can find this 918 in Sabah or not, i need a good broom for Chinese New Year..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thank you very much for letting us know because i am so fed-up with the brooms I bought :S hmm..will also keep a lookout and see if i can find it here in kl. If not, i'll check out kg. simee market when i go back to ipoh next month :D

renet13 said...

Hi all moms..thanks for visiting again.

One of my aim is also to share great household tips with readers. Unlike some of the tips on SAlt, this brrom I've personnaly used's really worth buying for satisfaction & quality. Those of you outstation..I hope you can find it! may be more expensive in other places compared to small city like my hometown ipoh.

D Money King said...

Brooms are brooms, their duty is to sweep up things....
Nice review there.. maybe the broom manufacturer will consider you one of their permenant reviewer...

renet13 said...

Thks d money king for visiting..if u r the manufacture, I'll earn money frm u lor.