Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are your twins or multiples having the same characteristics, personality or intelligence?

They may look alike but are their characters the same? Are they equally introvert or extrovert? Do they have the same talents?

If they are schooling, do you put them in the same class or different?

Mommy was advised by her twins's school principle once (before he retired) that twins should be placed in differnt classes to encourage their individual development. However, she decided not to separate them when she registered them for Standard One in chinese school and pleaded that both her twin boys be put in the same class for easy time management of time table and after school activities schedules. Moreover, one twin is more a leader while the other is more of a follower. If they are separated, they may have separation anxiety and also stressful particulary for the twin who is more dependent on the other twin.

Do you have such encounter? Please share your thoughts.


Jacss said...

geee....the boys looked so cheeky leh!! yes, i absolutely support your view!!
who is trying to separate my twins will have me kick him off flying kite...hahaha...(a very fierce & over protective mom here...)

aGnes said...

I dont have twins but I do agree with the principle which should separate them in diff class for ind. development.

As what you said 1 of the twins tend to be more dependent on another, therefore it's better to 'train' him by putting in different class rite? so he learn how to communicate/get along w his own classmate..

I used to have a twins classmate during primary but only 1 in my class (more dependent) & another 1 (active) in next class. But both them went out lunch together usually :)

Another reason also I don't want them to compare academic result & it become more visible when both in the same class under same teacher u see.. :S and I believe both will have different character/talent somehow.. just afraid one of them might get hurt? dunno lah..

Just my 2 cents.. ;)

Tammy said...

My husband is a twin. Him and his brother are so much alike! It's funny when they get together because almost always they are wearing the same color clothes if not the exact same. They don't mean to do it, it just happens that way. It's kinda weird that they think so much alike.