Sunday, August 31, 2008

The SLEEP factor

Unlike only singleton, having to put two babies to sleep at the same time is surely a very difficult task. For twin or multiple parents, I am sure most parents here have experience the same problem that is, when one of their twin cries, the other one wakes up too.

My 1st maid and I used to put one twin on long sitting(mommy sitting with both legs stretch out straight, put one twin on the leg near the ankles and cuddle the other twin in the arms..all at the same time.

What about their sleeping positions?

My twins love to sleep facing each other when they were babies. Surprisingly, now 9 years old, the 1st twin would hop over to his brother's bed and cling together with him in the middle of the night. Funny eh?

As for my girls (singletone), both love to sleep by exposing their tummy. When I ask them why? They say "Veli hotlah mommy". I wake up a few times at night to cover them with blanket but they will refuse and struggle, pulling the blanket away.

Do you have similar problem or more unique sleep stories to share about your kids.

sleep need to elaborate's either your spouse SNORE or not, right?


Blessed mum said...

how time flies...9 yrs had past and those beautiful memories are still so fresh in mommy's mind..

my 2nd girl too like to lift up her clothes and sleep. the other 2 are quite normal.

renet13 said...

Oh yes..the memories cant fade away , mayb due to the fact that mommy continuously counsel mother of twins on breastfeeding ..even some bloggers on mommy's bog list, and other friends with twins. It's really a pleasure to have done it my way and to share with those struggling for the first time having twins. Even those with singleton also may need help, too.

Glad to know both my girls are not the only one exposinmg their stomache at sleep.

Thnks again Blessed mom for your feedback.Take care & have a great day with your gems at home.

Bengbeng said...

this blog looks different now. rejuvenated is the right word? i dontt know how to do it. if i could, i would want to do the same. so much better now the overall appearance of the blog.

Mummy to QiQi said...

so sweet the way they both hold on to each other :p