Monday, August 4, 2008

More maid stories again.

As I was just about to settle down and start new life...I receive unpleasant sms related to my "evil" maid again.

As I am very curious about her location, I called up LCCT Immigration to check on her check in and check out details. Earlier I've bought her Airasia return ticket to Indonesia and she was supposed to return on June 18, 08 but came up with her drama which we concluded as a "swindle'.

The immigration officer told me that record showed she only went back to Indonesia and didnt have any record of her boarding the return flight from Indonesia to Malaysia

Then my question to him was "Adakah rekod tunjuk dia sudah di"blaclist"? (Does the record shows she has been blacklisted?).

Mr. officer said "Tak!" (No) .

That's very strange because we have made police report as well as to Immigration to blacklist this maid. Then I called the Immigration where we blacklisted the maid.
The lady who answered my called told me this:

The place where I made the report has blacklisted this maid..meaning in future if she commits any crime, we are not responsible as her employers anymore. But if she change her passport or identity and come in as a tourist or foreign worker...she may do so and The Immigration Malaysia cannot do anything because she may bribe the Indonesian Immigration/Embassy to come in again.

That lady also told me "Apa you peduli ? (Why you bother?. As long as she has nothing to do with you anymore.

I said it's not fair that she applies and work with another family.then they will be their next victim.

She said "We cant do anything. You dont need to worry for others as long as she is not linked to you anymore.

Oh my goodness...really no justice man!

Can anyone do anything about our Immigration system? They should be online nationwide isn't it. Once a maid is blacklisted it should be known to all Immigration authorities whether the local state or the airport ones, right??


chew said...

i use to know a factory who hired indonesians to do part time job for them. The supervisor told me that these Indonesians have better travel connections than us Malaysians when it comes to travelling. With just Rm1000 - Rm1200, the agents will :

1. Pick them up from their place (whereever they may be).
2. Send them to the airport.
3. Let them board Airasia.
4. When they reach Indonesia, there will be ppl there to ferry them home..

The scenario is the same when they want to come back to Malaysia.

Now, try that, Malaysians without a passport

jazzmint said...

ai...our govt hoh really something wrong right. i oso had the same situation with u last time, maid runaway. then the ironic thing is, months later, someone saw her shopping in sunway pyramid with a man...chi sin rite!! Hopeless immigration. They are just not bothered bout us

mumsgather said...

Ai sad isn't it? Hopefully the newly appointed ambassador will do better then.

""We cant do anything. You dont need to worry for others as long as she is not linked to you anymore.""

Yes, yes. thats exactly the kind of attitude that we need! *rolls eyes* Here you are trying to do something to prevent another person from having to go through what you did and this is what you get. Sigh.

Mummy to QiQi said...

sigh....Irene, they always change their identity when they make a new passport :(