Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a wet wet day...so lazy yet busy..school holidays!

Today I visited an old friend S.W who just gave birth to her 1st child (baby girl) after trying for soooooo long (Sounds familiar to some of the bloggers out there?).
The interesting fact is the miracle baby was conceived after she has stopped all the fertility program which was recommended to her. She claimed that she was so tired of trying so hard and decided to stop everything and just exercise and practice healthy lifestyle.
BINGO not long after..her princess arrived.

The best thing is she has planned to have her next one when this princess turn 6 months old. Her mum has encouraged her to do since they are really keen to have some more children. So no point waiting. HHHmmmmm very interesting opinion , huh?

Her baby is sooo cute.

Of course being a breastfeeding counselor , I can't help but to encourage her to breastfeed and shared with her the tips which are useful. Also gave her my success story of breastfeeding my Twin boys for 2 years, my 2nd Girl for 8 months because I conceived my 4th one whom I breastfeed for 2 years also (without formula during those breastfeeding period). I really wish S.W u would breastfeed for at least 6 months even though u need to go back to work. Since you are so shy about putting on so much weight, this is also your solution to slim down fast during your confinement. Goodluck S.W!

This was my proudest moment..to have breastfeed my twins for 2 years without formula in the American football position.

I also met up with an old schoolmate who was back for school holidays with her TWIN boys who are 5 years old. Almost more than 20 years didnt see each other..sharing the same fate of having twins..How beautiful. So I invited her to register for the Malaysian TWIN registry. The Malaysian Twin registry will take place next month and having a gathering on 13th September. Those of you who have twins or are twins and interested to find out more , please leave your contact or read this . Miss Sue will get back to you.


Creative B Bee said...

Ha ha! So funny. I never take any photo while during breastfeed.

Alicia said...

wah u look great bf ur twins.. its not easy for me to bf even 1.. btw u u cover ur eyes?

Blessed mum said...

the photo with u bf your twins! aiyo, what a moment!

renet13 said...

What a waste that u dont hav breastfeeding phots.

Alicia, I cover my eyes for privacy sake lor. Malulah!(Shy)

Blessed mum.
Yes indeed my "never ever will forget" moment.!

liteng said...

too bad that i din take any photos of bf :( @ dat time, i was so pressured as i failed to bf, no mood ald.. never think of taking photo :p

u can bf twins for 2 yrs which i think is totally amazing!! 'pui fok'!!

renet13 said...

I believe one u put your mind to do something and mentally prepare yourself before it happens, you can tackle the breastfeeding easily. Though it mayb diffcult to breastfeed one whatmore twins, the rewards of health, financial saving and mother's beauty and health will definitely help me pull through the odds no matter what!

Shannon's Mummy said...

hmmm.. I missed those breastfeeding days.. hehehe